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     My name is Sincere Zechariah Lockhart. I’m 8 years old, and I play defensive and offensive tackle for the Motor City Wolverines football team. 
     My nickname is the “Crusher,” because I crush opponents and obstacles. The first obstacle I crushed was when I was a little boy and my biological mother and her boyfriend used to abuse me. Next, I was bullied in school, and I crushed that too. Then, I had a teacher that was mean to me and would make me sit in the bathroom, because I refused to say the pledge of allegiance. I prayed to Jehovah for a new teacher, and Jehovah answered my prayer. The next day, I got a new teacher. I guess Jehovah crushed that obstacle for me.
     I was placed in foster care, when I was 4 years old. That’s when I got a new mom, who works hard to take care of me and my brother. She helps me to crush obstacles by teaching me how to pray. She adopted us, and I’m happy. I go to the Kingdom Hall. I love the Plymouth Road Congregation, and they love me. They gave me and my brother a big adoption party with a Mario cake, balloons, gifts and toys. 
  So far, in the third grade I got four A’s, 3 B’s and a C. In second grade I had a 3.8 grade point average, because I got a B in math. I still can’t figure that one out. I was the smartest boy in class.
     My team won the 3C State Championship at Ford Field. We beat the Packers 20 to 6. 
     I want to thank Mr. Larry (Howard Woods), who played for the Denver Bronco’s and Jaylen Francis, who plays for Kentucky State University for believing in me and helping me to become a better player. And, I can’t forget Coach Chez and my Wolverine teammates.
      My mom tells me to keep practicing and to never give up. She was right. Check me out in my championship ring. I want other kids to know that they can defeat any obstacle and become a champion too.

By Brian Drake
  So. Halfway through the season. What do you think so far? Well, let’s take a look. Record 5-2 Lead the division.
  Game 1: Kansas City. Beat the defending champs at Arrowhead Stadium ( one of the toughest places in the NFL to play) on national tv. Great way to start the season.
  Game 2: Seattle. Lost at home in a high scorer that looked more like a video game than real football. Didn’t look focused. Maybe still hung over from season opener.
  Game 3: Atlanta. Played like a team that wanted to make a statement and bounce back from a tough loss. And stopped what was at the time one of the best running games in the league and didn’t allow a touchdown 
  Game 4: Green Bay. Beat arch rival Packers in Lambeau Field ( another tough place to play).
  Game 5: Carolina. Blew out the Panthers in a game the Lions controlled from the first whistle.
  Game 6: Tampa Bay. Beat one of the toughest defenses in the league and also had another game where they didn’t allow a touchdown. Some national commentators had the Lions at number 1 in power rankings after that week. 
  Game 7: Baltimore. Uh oh. Got embarrassed in a blow out. Had some people mumbling Same Old Lions. Bandwagon fans in my opinion. I understand though. It’s hard to trust a team that’s let you down for decades. 
  Game 8: Las Vegas. Beat down the Raiders on Monday Night Football. National television again. And got back some respect. Made the Raiders look so bad the head coach and General Manger were fired the next day and the starting quarterback was benched. 
  When you look at the season so far, the Lions look for real. Despite the blow out by Baltimore ( which happens sometimes, even to good teams) And it’s only getting better. 8 of their next 9 games they play teams who don’t have winning records. They’re 3-0 on nationally televised games (can we make a deal to play every game on national TV). 
They’ve managed to win with injuries to key players. Some of those injuries season ending, Which means they’re building a culture of win no excuses. 
  People laughed at Dan Campbell when he talked about biting off kneecaps at his first press conference, They aren’t laughing now. This is mean, physical team. People questioned Brad Holmes draft picks. They aren’t questioning anymore, The Lions have some of the best rookies in the league. 
  The Lions can and will make the playoffs this year. That’s not the challenge anymore. The new challenge is….yeah I’ll say it…..Super Bowl. 

Scholar Athlete of the Month
Sincere Lockhart
Not the same old Lions