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Becoming renewed, 
not unglued
By Evangelist Barbara Colbert
                                                       I heard someone say once, that they felt like 
                                            “sugar on the floor”. I didn't quite understand what 
                                            they meant at the time, but I soon found out. 
                                                  Life is full of twists and turns that take us down 
                                            roads we may never, in our wildest dreams anticipate 
                                            traveling. I always thought that the older I grew there 
                                            would be fewer things that could surprise me. That I 
                                            would be like my mother and my wise old aunts, full 
                                            of wisdom and sass, negotiating every bumpy road in 
                                            life with unwavering grace and sophistication. Yet, I 
                                            have come to find that that is not always the case. In 
                                            reality, the older I get, the more I understand that 
                                            school is never really out. There’s always time for 
                                            another lesson to be learned.
  Two things occurred and I understood what it meant to feel like “sugar on the floor.” My younger daughter, at age 24, left to go out into the world on a quest to pursue her dreams and aspirations. Always only minutes away from home, now hours away, across the country. I found myself surprisingly experiencing a renewed bout of the long-forgotten, empty nest syndrome. Then, a very good friend for many years, bewildered and betrayed me. I suddenly found myself catapulted into an abyss of insecurity, apprehension, and self-doubt. Even my own hopes and wishes seemed to had lost their appeal and fallen by the wayside. A heavy feeling of aimlessness and foolishness attacked my mind, inhabited my emotions. I discerned that this shaky state of being could only be compared to “sugar on the floor”; slippery, scrunchy, sticky, and if not quickly cleaned up, hazardous.  
  Sometimes life just “happens”. Events transpire or occur, for whatever reason, from whatever cause, bringing about collateral damage, so to speak. We become entangled in the lives of others, be it our loved ones, or ones we’ve come to love. Whatever the relationship, when it takes a drastic turn, the impact will most assuredly be a phenomenal one. Be it the cutting of apron strings, or the reluctant removal of rose-colored glasses; the place in the interim, the sticky transition, the road to recuperation, can all be the feeling of “sugar on the floor”. Like tiny shards of broken glass, sharp and embedding, painfully penetrating. Hard to see, but lethal underfoot, prone to draw blood or cause a fall at any given moment. Messy, just like “sugar on the floor”.
  Yet, the person that I heard say the phrase “sugar on the floor” never made it past the catastrophic feelings that it brings. They never grasped that although life can be crazy, there is a method to its madness. They didn’t know of the God who is far greater than anything we can encounter in this unpredictable life. The Savior who has told us that in such a time as this, to “count it all joy”. That though we may feel like the proverbial “sugar on the floor”, to count it all as a sweet savour to season our souls. The Father is an untenable companion willing and ready to accompany us along the rocky terrains of mountains and valleys that impede our travel through this journey called life. 
Therefore, I myself will surely count it all joy. Why? Because the joy of the Lord is my strength, and though I may feel a bit fragile and unsettled today, tomorrow I will be stronger and perhaps a little bit sweeter, because of the “sugar on the floor”. 

By Evelyn M. Bingham
                                         We as Americans, especially during this  
                                   uncertain, supercharged, never before heard of, 
                                   political climate, are all suffering from the stress 
                                   of being the pawns of our present governmental 
                                   leaders as we sadly witness the lying, deceit, 
                                   backbiting, and total lack of concern and 
                                   empathy for us, the people they have sworn to 
                                       It leaves us afraid and wondering how we can 
                                   remain whole and balanced, not only personally 
                                   for ourselves, but for the families and occupations for which we are responsible. It is obvious that we need to use every tool in our survival war chest, just to cope and maintain some balance in our lives by the renewal of mind, body and spirit.
  To renew — To make new, fresh, in good condition, strong, to give spiritual strength to, to begin or take up again, to get a new lease, revive.
  Starting or beginning a new year, a new move, a new job, a new business etc., all contributes its own share of stress! Learning to slow down, prepare and appreciate your life and your present situation, brings the questions and frustrations as to how to avoid becoming unglued!
  Some ways, which may be helpful in the elimination of stress and anxiety are: To learn some relaxation techniques, listening to peaceful and relaxing music, reading, writing, or other rewarding hobby, de-cluttering of home, office and personal space, organization of home, surroundings and possessions. Further ways to renew your body and your spirits would be to communicate with family and friends, and to renew our old acquaintances . An area of your life which may need to be addressed is to seek to do surgery on any bad or unhealed relationship issues between friends, family or acquaintances, taking or making the opportunity to seek to forgive or to ask forgiveness for any past hurts etc., this act alone, may be mind, and soul liberating---and renewing! Sharing yourself with others by letters, calls, visits, volunteering etc., or by encouraging a young person or others to reach for and achieve their dreams.
  It is important, and necessary to develop or strengthen your spiritual connection, thereby bringing inner peace and satisfaction and a grounding to the real. Along with quiet, relaxing music is the practice of prayer, gratitude and meditation, all that is needed is you, your mind, and a quiet space, and receptivity.
  Some ways in which to prevent becoming unglued, which is defined as, to separate or detach by or as if by dissolving an adhesive, or the slang: To upset, confuse. To come unglued, slang: to become emotionally upset and lose ones composure. Other ways, would be to improperly plan or to not plan ahead for your future. Being on time (which is a great stress reliever), not having too much on your plate, learning to say NO, learning to delegate some responsibility, learning not to take on more duties than can safely be handled.
  Let us plan to become physically renewed, by beginning a realistic fitness routine which you enjoy and will be consistent with, as well as a more healthful way of eating.
  Good luck to each of us as we seek to start our new year ahead, more renewed, and definitely less unglued, especially with the hope and knowing that ultimately, Gods Got This!!!

Sugar on the Floor