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By Evelyn M. Bingham
                                        The month of May, is a beautiful time of the 
                                   year. May is also the month, which we have set 
                                   aside for honoring the special women in our 
                                   lives, the beautiful women, whom we each 
                                   affectionately refer to as MOTHER, MOM, 
                                   MAMA, NANA, or, some other more personal 
                                   title of endearment.
                                        Not every female, will be a mother, yet each 
                                   of us reading these words, has one! She may or 
                                   may not, be the person who physically gave 
                                   birth to us, but she must obviously have been 
                                   our source of physical and emotional love, care, and concern.
  Some dictionary definitions of Mother, are: a woman who has borne a child; a woman as she is related to her child or children; such as, a stepmother, an adoptive mother, mother-in-law; the female parent of a plant or animal, that which gives birth to something; the origin or source of something; or nurtures in the manner of a mother; a woman having the responsibility and authority of a mother, an elderly woman, used as a title of affectionate respect!
  We, who are blessed enough to be seasoned mothers, realize the honor, importance, and seriousness of our role, and realize with humility, that it is only through the grace of God, that mothers make it through the childrearing portion of our lives. As mothers, I’m sure that our joint prayer and goal, is, and has always been, to raise responsible children of love and integrity, and, who will be a credit to the world.
  Here are two articles, I’d like to share with you regarding mothers, which I read many years ago:
Mothers: How to keep them 
running smoothly
  Perhaps mothers should come with a maintenance agreement that provides a complete overhaul every five years and after three kids or 300,000 miles, whichever comes first. Here are several points that ought to be included:
  Fuel: While most mothers will run indefinitely on hot coffee, pizza and hamburgers, an occasional gourmet meal for two in elegant surroundings, will add immeasurably to in-creased efficiency.
  Motor: A mother’s motor is probably one of the most dependable anywhere. A mother can reach top speed from a prone position at the sound of a single cry from a sleeping child. To keep that motor at peek efficiency, regular breaks are recommended. A leisurely bath and nap every 1,000 miles and a two week, live-in sitter every 100,000 miles will do wonders.
  Carburetor: When a mother’s carburetor floods, it should be attended to immediately
With a tissue and a soft shoulder.
  Brakes: Use them often, and slow to a full stop regularly ----to look at a flower, chat with a friend, or pat a dog. Remember that the race is not always to the swift and that there is more to life than increasing its speed.
  Chassis: A mother operates best, when her chassis is properly maintained. Regular exercise should be encouraged. When the chassis begins to sag, there are a number of effective remedies, including walking, jogging, working out, tennis and a low-cal, fat-free diet.
  Tune-ups: Mothers need regular tune-ups. Compliments are the cheapest and most appreciated. Flowers, candy or other thoughtful gifts such as a hug and a kiss can work wonders. Nothing keeps a mother equipped to deal with the detours of life like a good sense of humor, which should be kept on the glove compartment of her heart at all times, pulled out and used on a regular basis.
  By following these simple instructions, the average mother should last a lifetime, to provide love and nurturing to those who need her most.

Never Alone
By Evangelist Barbara Colbert
                                                     The prophet, Jeremiah (23:24), assures us 
                                              that God is always with us, there is no place we 
                                              can be out of His sight. Yet, in times of upsets and 
                                              uncertainties, it is easy to feel that we are indeed, 
                                              alone. God is present at all times and in all 
                                              situations. He desires to walk with us through the 
                                              pressures of life, and provide comfort and 
                                                  However, we must learn to tune our hearts to 
                                              His voice, yield to His embrace. Today’s world 
                                              limiting social contact and enforcing self-
                                              quarantine, presents an excellent opportunity to 
                                              cultivate a relationship with the Father. Get to 
                                              know Him, almost as well as He knows us.
                                                  One. Develop a stronger awareness of God. Strive for a desire to be in His presence, become more in tune to His voice, and be increasingly transformed into the image of Jesus. (Psalm 27:4) Pursue God’s will for our lives, and base our decisions on His guidance. We will find ourselves growing more dependent on Him, and developing more strength through Him.
  Two. Learn from our spiritual stepping stones. Take time to reflect on events or encounters in our lives that had a deep spiritual influence on us. A time when God came to our rescue and we learned something about His sovereignty. This may have been God’s way of revealing to us our areas of weaknesses and where we need strengthening. Pray about them and ask God how we can gain insight and growth in Christ Jesus. (Psalm 119:9-11)
  Three. Stop, Look, and Listen! Learn to STOP before acting or reacting. LOOK for God’s omnipresence. LISTEN for the voice of the indwelling Holy Spirit who is waiting to lead us in the way of the Lord. Remember that the voice of the Holy Spirit is soft and quiet. We will only be able to hear Him when we make a conscious effort to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. (1Kings 19:11-12)
  Four. Learn from interruptions. Consider interruptions as more than mere annoyances. They are often opportunities to hear a word from God that may be specific to our own personal circumstances. When we find that our plans have been interrupted, we should ask God to show us how He wants to use that interruption to change our thinking, or even the direction of our lives. Remember, God’s way is not always our way – but His way is always the right way! (Proverbs 3:5)
  Five. Let the darkness help us to see the light. Commit the suffering and hardships that come our way to God, and trust Him to be with us every step of the way. Let the negative experiences we encounter motivate us to pursue God even more. Learn from losses and mistakes and remember that hard times can usher in transformation and new life. Learn to cast our cares upon Him. Why? Because He cares for us! (1Peter 5:7)
  Six. Be our brother’s keeper. No matter how grave situations become in our own lives, remember to pray not only for ourselves, but others as well. We should strive to help others as much as we can. When we take our eyes off our own problems, and focus on helping others, selfishness decreases and selflessness increases. (1Peter 3:8) Turning the trials of life into the triumphs of life, is what separates light from dark. This
the very essence of a God who is Light and has assured us that He is always with us, and will never leave us alone!