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Living with power, strength, force
By Evangelist Barbara Colbert
                                                    Originally, televisions were square, had access 
                                            to perhaps four channels or so, no remote control, 
                                            and when you wanted to change the channel, you 
                                            actually had to go to the set and turn the dial to 
                                            whatever program you wanted to watch. Now, in 
                                            those days of early TV, every week, the Broadcast 
                                            Warning System would interrupt viewing with a siren-
                                            like or beeping sound, accompanied by a test pattern 
                                            and message across the screen that read “THIS IS 
                                            ONLY A TEST”. This procedure would last several 
                                            minutes, after which your TV screen would be then 
                                            released, and restored back to the former program. 
                                                However, as technology advanced, the 
                                             “broadcasting warning system” no longer became a weekly protocol interrupting our tv programs, warning us that “this is only a test”. Yet, those of a higher knowledge realize that we are even still, in a test. Furthermore, some systems used to also add to their warning, “Don’t Touch That Dial!” For us, there is no option for touching the dial - let alone turning it. In fact, the only way to negotiate a test, is not to avoid it, but to face it head on. Hunker down and draw on everything you know that will not only equip you to pass the test, but to also achieve an impressive score. Spiritual wisdom guarantees that whatever the test, there is something for us in the going through it, and the passing of it. 
  It is standard operating procedure for the Almighty Creator to either test us or allow us to be tested. However, no matter what the origin of the test, He will go through the test with us. For what good is a pristine model car fully equipped for performance, but never driven or put on the road? God Himself tested Abraham to confirm his love and obedience. God allowed Job to be tested to confirm his faithfulness and endurance. God went through the test with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego to confirm their steadfastness and faith. There was no consideration of “touching the dial”. Instead, they each one endured the test. They each one passed the test, impeccably. We ourselves, are all in a test of our own. A spiritual examination. There is no avoiding it. We cannot run, hide, or turn the dial to an alternate anything. We have only one option, and that is to plant our feet firmly in our faith in the Lord, and hold on until the test is done. 
  Ephesian 6:12 says, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of Darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” We can only battle spiritual wickedness with spiritual weaponry. We can only pass the test without ever entertaining the notion of touching or turning the dial, unless we maintain an unwavering constitution for Christ. He is the key, and the only true victory lies in Him. For Christ is the only one who can deliver us from the sting of death - physically and spiritually. Rendering those who trust in Him, fearless and indomitable; ergo, Summa Cum Laude warriors for Christ! 
  How essential it is that we pass the test and become stronger and wiser because of it. It is the only way we can let others know, “don’t touch that dial”. That if they hold on and put their
trust in a God greater than all others, they will be surely restored to a view crystal clear through the matchless eyes of Jesus.

By Evelyn M. Bingham
                                        Power: according to a dictionary definition is: 
                                   strength; might, force; the ability to do or act, a 
                                   particular ability: control; authority, influence, 
                                   right: a person, place, thing, body, or nation 
                                   having authority or influence: energy or force 
                                   that do work: Deity; divinity
                                       Power, Strength, Force : means the ability to 
                                   do something or capacity for something. Power : 
                                   is the general word applying to any physical, 
                                   mental or moral ability or capacity, whether it be 
                                   used or not.
        Strength : means power within the person or thing, belonging to it as a quality, to do, bear, or resist much.
Force : means active use of power or strength to get something done or bring something about. 
  For those of us who feel that we are totally devoid of power, who are just existing day to day, waiting for someone else to make our decisions for us, that what we feel and think doesn’t really matter, or for those who don’t feel that their one, individual vote does not matter, it is time to remove yourself from the self defeating pot of apathy, for I wish to tell you that, that thought is farthest from the truth! The fact is YOUR vote is sooo, crucially important that there are those who would, and intend to stop at nothing to sway the campaign in their favor and are using derisive, negative means to buy, steal, suppress truth, prevent, spread false rumors, distort the truth, attack character, coercion, dissuasion, persuasion, vile negative campaign tactics, ads and commercials costing millions of dollars! Does this sound like these politicians are kidding or fooling around? I don’t think so……! They’re hoping that we will maintain, a head in the sand attitude, regarding the upcoming elections, for THEY know, and realize, that the victory is theirs if WE, the average working class, law abiding citizen, maintains the status quo thinking of powerlessness, and decides not to vote! Our negative opponents know, that if they are successful in ousting THIS president, our freedoms, rights, our survival as a democracy, are in jeopardy and may be forever lost!
  It is crucial, necessary, imperative, important and a must that you try to educate yourself on the issues at hand, and those who are running for the various offices. We all have inherited a mighty power, a gift, which was only granted to us through the energy, vision, strength, fortitude and the blood, shed for our freedom. Let us not squander this gift. The mantle rests on the shoulders of each of us!
  Please use the precious, mighty power of YOUR VOTE, to truly reiterate the meaning of Power to The People in the upcoming elections, and encourage your children, family, friends and colleagues to do the same. Our lives and those of our children depend on each of our votes in the primary election on Tuesday, August 7, 2012 and more importantly, the Presidential or General election on Tuesday, November 6, 2912

Don't touch that dial
this is only a test