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Enduring Love
By Evelyn M. Bingham
                                          Enduring, is defined as lasting, permanent, 
                                   also durable  In keeping with thoughts of this     
                                   beautiful Holiday Season, and in remembrance 
                                   of whose birth we commemorate I began 
                                   thinking of Jesus, God’s gift of redemption to the 
                                   world. I thought of His birth, His life, and His 
                                   purpose and ultimately His death. I think of Him 
                                   as a friend who is forever constant and who, 
                                   after centuries past, still has enduring and 
                                   unconditional love for us all, regardless of our 
                                   stature or circumstance. A friend, who is forever 
                                   aware of what is going on with you and will step in to offer help and assistance when asked, for He will not intrude, intercede or interfere. He wants His love and help to be your choice, especially since He gave us the gift of free will. I have heard it said, that Jesus is a friend who walks in, when the world has walked out. God, like most parents, is always available to help a child who may temporarily be in some need of help or guidance or to possibly provide them a soft place to land!
     When I think of our Creator, I think of Him as a loving father, who is timeless in age and wisdom and who is using each of us as extensions of himself in order to experience the many and varied expressions of being human and of humanity! It sort of equates to us, as parents with our limited knowledge and wisdom and not being able to experience, often due to longevity, the futures and experiences and contributions of our children, grandchildren and the future generations that will spring forth from us, for each of us has a life, destiny, and assignment solely ours. We can only hope and pray that as we rear our own children, we can instill within them, qualities of morality, humaneness, love and caring which will enrich future generations to, each one, teach one!!
  God’s job is awesome, and how He monitors all of us, our purposes, gifts, and reasons for being is incomprehensible to us, and far too complex to quantify! 
  Thinking of God, reminds me of two dear friends, long deceased, so loving, respectful and constant, who just exemplified friendship, much better than I could ever be. My parents, my husband’s parents, and my beloved husband of sixty three years, …..all examples of pure and unconditional and enduring love…what a gift, and a lesson to us all…How could we ever doubt that we are indeed ALL blessed, and highly favored!! Think of all of your individual lives, and
give thanks for the many Enduring Loves, in your life, past, present and future!

No ordinary man
By Evangelist Barbara Colbert
                                                      Sometimes, God does a particular thing for a 
                                              particular purpose. Then, in order to bring that 
                                              particular thing into fruition, He selects a particular 
                                              vessel. Thus, His Will be done.  
                                                 l know a natural man, who confronted life with 
                                              ferocious intent, seizing, dividing and conquering. 
                                                 In his carnal state, he could not possibly know 
                                              that he was yet a vessel being prepared for God’s 
                                              divine plan. He was like Jacob, wrestling with the 
                                              Angel all night long until his deliverance came. 
                                              And as unbeknownst to any natural being, when 
                                              God has destined you for a purpose, there is no 
                                              way out. In spite of obtaining victory over social 
                                              injustices, generational curses, and personal demons, this man had yet to spar with the Lord Himself. In our carnality, we will believe we are conquerors strong and mighty, rulers of the world, masters of the universe. We convince ourselves that by our own mortal power, we can even prevail over the will of God. Yet, by the testimony of countless witnesses, when God takes you to the ring, and the wrestling match begins, the fight is fixed. This man learned that his wrestling matches in the world, were divinely designed to ultimately reward him a blackbelt in salvation.  
  Even as Paul the Apostle’s relentless pursuit to annihilate Christians, earned him the reputation as a brutal assassin, in spite of it all, the Lord had already predestined him to be the one He would use for a particular purpose, to implement His own particular agenda. God met Paul on the road to Damascus, struck him off his feet, and when he rose again, he was a new creature in Christ, drafted eternally into the army of the Lord. What the devil used against God, now God used for His glory. Centuries later, this man I know traveled his own road to Damascus, and like Paul, was knocked down and out, permanently retired from the world, inducted into a life for Christ. The devil’s deadly script depicting the role of a man beaten and broken, destined for damnation, was cast and burned into the consuming fires of the Holy Ghost. God, the true orchestrator of our lives, had flipped the script; a chief slave of satan, had now become a chief servant of God.  
  William Shakespeare said, “All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts . . .” True enough for those on the stage mimicking life, perpetrating reality from the unevolved mind. But this man learned, in his newfound enlightenment, that when God is the author, every stage that is set, every part that is played, is for the single purpose of salvation; the final curtain call must introduce a cast of newly born-again believers. 
  Now, the quintessential delegate for Christ, this man I know, is a formidable warrior in the battle between good and evil. Especially preserved for use in God’s kingdom, he is a living testimony of His providence, and confirmation that the Lord will use whomever He chooses. And that no matter how rough the diamond, God will perfect it, and let it shine for His glory alone. 
  So should you find yourself on a Damascus road, let God be the author of your way. Then, at the end of your journey, when the final curtain is closed, you too will have a testimony of victory, like this man I know. 
  (P.S. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Life - In Christ)