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Evelyn M. Bingham
     We as Americans, especially during this uncertain, supercharged, never before heard of, political climate, are all suffering from the stress of being the pawns of our present governmental leaders as we sadly witness the lying, deceit, backbiting, and total lack of concern and empathy for us, the people they have sworn to protect!
     It leaves us afraid and wondering how we can remain whole and balanced, not only personally for ourselves, but for the families and occupations for which we are responsible. It is obvious that we need to use every tool in our survival war chest, just to cope and maintain some balance in our lives by the renewal of mind, body and spirit.
     To renew — to make new, fresh, in good condition, strong, to give spiritual strength to, to begin or take up again, to get a new lease, revive.
  Starting or beginning a new year, a new move, a new job, a new business etc., all contributes its own share of stress! Learning to slow down, prepare and appreciate your life and your present situation brings the questions and frustrations as to how to avoid becoming unglued!
  Some ways, which may be helpful in the elimination of stress and anxiety are: To learn some relaxation techniques, listening to peaceful and relaxing music, reading, writing, or other rewarding hobby, de-cluttering of home, office and personal space, organization of home, surroundings and possessions. Further ways to renew your body and your spirits would be to communicate with family and friends, and to renew our old acquaintances. An area of your life which may need to be addressed is to seek to do surgery on any bad or unhealed relationship issues between friends, family or acquaintances, taking or making the opportunity to seek to forgive or to ask forgiveness for any past hurts etc., this act alone, may be mind, and soul liberating---and renewing! Sharing yourself with others by letters, calls, visits, volunteering etc., or by encouraging a young person or others to reach for and achieve their dreams.
  It is important, and necessary to develop or strengthen your spiritual connection, thereby bringing inner peace and satisfaction and grounding to the real. Along with quiet, relaxing music is the practice of prayer, gratitude and meditation all that is needed is you, your mind, and a quiet space, and receptivity.
  Some ways in which to prevent becoming unglued, which is defined as, to separate or detach by or as if by dissolving an adhesive, or the slang: To upset, confuse. To come unglued, slang: to become emotionally upset and lose ones composure. Other ways, would be to improperly plan or to not plan ahead for your future. Being on time (which is a great stress reliever), not having too much on your plate, learning to say NO, learning to delegate some responsibility, learning not to take on more duties than can safely be handled.
  Let us plan to become physically renewed, by beginning a realistic fitness routine which you enjoy and will be consistent with, as well as a more healthful way of eating.
  Good luck to each of us as we seek to start our new year ahead, more renewed, and definitely less unglued, especially with the hope and knowing that ultimately, Gods Got This!


By Evangelist Barbara Colbert-Brooks
    An essential ingredient for a nation to stand undefeated is unity. There must be a common bond between the people, regardless of how thin or fragile that bond may be. History has proven that it is not always the numbers that prevail in times of challenges, but the spirit and the fortitude of the members. Biblical history in particular depicts countless accounts of God employing only a faithful few to conquer a multitude of persecutors.      Established by their faith in Him, the most unlikely candidates achieved monumental victories when there was a common bond that cleaved them together as one. 
     In the early formation of this nation, there was at the very least, a basic commonality of faith in a Creator who was far greater than oneself. This is not to speak of the moral fiber or character of the person, just that there was one basic common bond. More often than not, the persecutor believed, in some distorted way, in the same God as the persecuted. And the same God that sustained the creature of a lower nature sustained the creature a higher nature. However, in man’s advancement, this once inherent awareness, has gone unmerited and is now practically extinct. Yet, those who earnestly mourn for the hearts of man profess that it is the essential missing link that offers hope for a nation drowning in increasing turmoil. 
     The First Amendment to the United States Constitution guaranteed freedom of religion. With that freedom, diversity unraveled like a stone rolling downhill gathering multiple religious beliefs, from Protestant, Catholic, Mormonism, Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, to an official “Unaffiliated”. Each one sprouts their own myriad of religious affiliations to satisfy the ala carte beliefs of man. Unknowingly the cohesiveness of a nation is diluted, producing a devastating spiritual wedge; a detrimental crack in its foundation.  
     Abraham Lincoln said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand…" that a government cannot endure permanently “half this or half that…” Jesus said in Mark 3:24-25 “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand”  
     The sum and substance of a man is his core beliefs. That which he holds fast to are the things by which he is fortified. Matthew 7:17, declares that “... every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.” But take into serious consideration the soil in which the tree is planted. Is it moist and fertile, or dry and brittle? Mankind must be rooted in the same soil in order to evolve strong and on one accord. Not “like''soil. Impenetrable unity demands no compromise, no imitations, and no similitude. The ground on which the house stands must be solid and unmovable, with no cracks or crevices that provide segways of division. 
  The house divided must be compelled to look back to the very beginning. John 1:1 says “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Concede and confess that God is the one and only Creator of all things. He formed and foundationed the world, and breathed life into man, created in His image. Undoubtedly, this revelation will still be rejected by those who refuse to choose. Yet, one only has to decide if they prefer to be in the house divided destined to perish. Or of the house unified and fortified destined for an eternity of everlasting life in Heaven. 

A House Divided

Becoming Renewed not Unglued