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PRNewswire/ -- Goodwill Industries International, the leading nonprofit provider of job training and placement services in North America, today announced the national debut of their "New Lives" ad campaign. The campaign tells a compelling story about how donations to Goodwill help change lives by supporting individuals who face various challenges on their path to employment.
  Consumers know about Goodwill retail stores, but many are not aware that this household brand's mission is to provide people with support to empower themselves and thrive through training, development and employment. People receive employment support and other human services through Goodwill and, in 2022, they helped more than 2 million people access resources, build skills and advance careers.
  This campaign features the many faces and stories of Goodwill job seekers, what they have overcome, and how donations from the public have played a vital role in their self-empowerment. "Goodwill helps connect millions of people to the job skills training they need for employment today," said Goodwill Industries International CMO Onney Crawley. "We want the community to know that their generous donations are turned into support services that have the greatest impact for people who are seeking to advance in their careers or start on a new path that changes the trajectory of their lives."
  Before piloting this campaign, Goodwill surveyed consumers across the country to assess their interest in the brand's mission story. The results showed that more than half of donors and shoppers were more inclined to support the mission while 42% of job seekers were more likely to seek employment support from Goodwill.
  As part of the campaign, Goodwill has partnered with Vicki Salemi, nationally recognized career expert, author and nationally syndicated columnist, writing "Vicki on Careers," weekly for Tribune publications to help amplify the stories of the people served by Goodwill. 
  "I'm proud to join this campaign and partner with Goodwill to help individuals looking for work get the tools they need to excel in the workforce and gain employment," said Salemi. "I've been an advocate of Goodwill for many years and appreciate how their career experts help people advance their careers."

Goodwill® Unveils "New Lives" Ad Campaign to
Shed Light on How Donations Create Job Opportunities