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Hair Talk with JoJo
The Hair Care Expert
Q. JoJo I took my braids out, after wearing them for two months and washed my hair. My hair matted like crazy. What can I do to detangle it without cutting or breaking my hair off?
A. You have a tough job ahead. After taking the braids out, the hair should have been combed out thoroughly to get out all loose and shedding hair before shampooing. Hair sheds on average of 120 strands per day. If your braids were in for two months, we multiply 120 strands x 60 days =7,200 strands of loose hair that needs to be combed out. If not, shampooing and roughing through the hair can matt and lock the hair. Try conditioning heavy with moisturizing conditioner and try using a rattail comb to pick through the tangles strand by strand. Sometimes cutting will be necessary to get inside the matting. If that doesn't work, seek professional help and prepare for the chop.
Q. JoJo male pattern balding runs in my family. My father, mother and two of my sisters have balding or thinning issues. My hair is thin but not as thin as theirs. Is there anything preventive I can do to help avoid their fate?
A. Genetics are hard to fight, but scalp massaging and high frequency treatments help. Avoiding chemicals will help keep your hair’s fullness longer. Styles like braids, ponytails, and weaves can cause traction Alopecia. 
Q. JoJo I've worn black or off black wigs for years and pretty much the same style. I'm afraid that if I change colors or style, everybody will know that I'm wearing a wig. I’m a professional woman in front of people everyday. How do I change?
A. "Just do it" as Nike would say. If you've been wearing the same dark look for years everybody already knows you're wearing a wig, so drop that fear and embrace change with confidence. Try going with a lighter color or highlights. If you've been going straight, try a few curls. If you've been wearing long hair, try hanging out with a short hair girlfriend. She might be fun. Stop by Terry's Wigs, and let us introduce you to some new girlfriends (wigs)
  We'd like to thank all of our clients and friends for your cards flowers and support during the loss of our founder, my mother Ms Terry. Ms Terry moved her Wig shop from Livernois and Fenkell to the Ave of Fashion in 1974. At that time she was told that they had enough wig shops on the Ave already (6). She said there won't be enough, until there's a Black one. As time passed, those 6 other Wig shops have gone while Ms Terry's Place Wigs and Lashes still stands serving the community almost 50 years later. My father Mr. Terry, sisters Tiffany, Ms V, and myself JoJo appreciate your continued support, as we keep her Legacy alive.  
  If hair is on your mind, visit Terry’s Place online at or on Facebook. Email [email protected] or stop by Terry’s Place at 19139 Livernois Ave., Detroit, Mich. 48221. We’re open six days a week. Please call (313)863-4014.

PRNewswire/ -- Online empowerment and education platform Boss Women Media today announces its partnership with financial services platform Cash App for its newest initiative, Ambitious Girl. The Ambitious Girl HBCU Tour 2022 is an event series for college-level Black Women focused on career readiness, financial inclusion, leadership, and networking while providing an empowering community dedicated to inspiring, equipping, and celebrating them as entrepreneurs and thriving corporate queens.
  Boss Women Media and Cash App will support programming that leans into leadership development, innovation, strategic growth, and career success. The Ambitious Girl HBCU Tour series will take place on four distinguished campuses: Florida A&M University, Howard University, Clark Atlanta University, and Tennessee State University. Tour pop-ups will take place on a different campus every Saturday for four weeks beginning Sept. 17 and ending Oct.15. 
  "Changing the future starts with young people and more specifically, with young women of color," said Marty McDonald, Founder and CEO of Boss Women Media. "We created the Ambitious Girl initiative to create not only a community for these women, but also to provide them with the resources they need to construct their own bright futures. In partnership with Cash App, we are bringing dynamic speakers and activations directly to these women on their college campuses. This is just the beginning of our desire to change how young women of color see themselves in the professional landscape and help them land opportunities in the most desired industries."
  During the pop-ups, attendees of Ambitious Girl will be able to participate in a number of activities including a speaker meet and greet, a Cash App recruiting booth, as well as networking activations. Additionally, there will be a highly anticipated Solopreneur Tax Tips station and panel presented by Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, Credit Karma, Quickbooks, and Mailchimp, which will delve into conversations with successful entrepreneurs. Speakers for this panel will give advice on how they are taking control of their careers and creating what they desire with hard work, determination, and grit.
  The young women will also be able to practice their power pose for professional headshots and feel their best with hair care tutorials presented by Wakati. Wakati maintains a commitment to HBCUs following their groundbreaking collaboration with the FAMU business school to help launch the product line. "Supporting the Ambitious Girl tour is another way we can continue with our mission to support HBCUs while engaging and empowering students and the natural hair journey,'' said Kenya Foy, Kao Industries.
  The two main panels for the day will discuss topics related to "Investing in yourself and others," as well as "How to take control of your career and build your ideal future." Speakers for the Ambitious Girl initiative include Jacquelyn Rogers of Greentop Gifts, actress KJ Smith, Crypto Tutors CRO & Co-founder Lisa Francoeur, Marty McDonald, Lady J, as well as leadership from Cash App and Intuit. Campus-specific speakers and special guests will be announced closer to event dates.
  For more information on Boss Women Media's partnership with Cash App and the Ambitious Girl initiative visit

Boss Women Media to hold 
Ambitious Girl Tour