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Hair Talk with JoJo
The Hair Care Expert
Q. JoJo I know Terry’s Place restyles old wigs, but I can’t get there at this time. I need to wash and style my wig. What type of shampoo should I use? Should I use conditioner, and can I flat iron or curl it?
A. At Terry’s Place we use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner on our restyle wigs. Sulfate-free products prevent any build up or residue on the wigs. The conditioner keeps the shine and body. Some wigs can be curled or flat ironed. Usually those instructions are on the wig at the time of purchase. If you don’t have those instructions, setting your wig with rollers will be your best option as the flat iron can destroy your wig.
Q. JoJo I’ve been wearing a relaxer for over 30 years. My hair is pass my shoulders and in good condition. The girls at my job can’t believe it’s my hair. I tell them relaxers are safe, but they insist that I’m going to lose my hair and I should go natural. None of their hair looks as good as mine. JoJo how do you feel about relaxers? Are they safe?
A. I’ve been doing hair for almost 40 years and I have clients who’ve been wearing relaxers since I started, and they still have long healthy looking bouncy hair. Relaxers are safe and can give easy home maintenance and awesome styling options. It’s inexperienced stylists and poor application that has created the breakage and hair loss that has given them a bad rap. When I was starting out in this industry, beauty supply stores wouldn’t sell chemicals to unlicensed people. Now these store owners sell to everyone, so hair loss and breakage is blamed on the products instead of the store owners or stylist. These products can be used safely, when stylists are trained properly. If your hair is looking and feeling good, stick with what’s working for you.
  If your hair is on your mind, drop JoJo a line.  
  Terry’s Place is the largest black-owned wig salon in Detroit. We want to take your look to the next level. When you look good, we look good. Visit Terry’s Place online at or on Facebook. Email [email protected] or stop by Terry’s Place at 19139 Livernois Ave., Detroit, Mich. 48221. Please call (313)863-4014.  

PRNewswire/ -- amika, the Brooklyn-based haircare brand, announces the debut announces the debut of its latest campaign entitled "All Hair Is Welcome," which celebrates the brand's mission of amplifying inclusivity, diversity and friendship. The campaign is set to underscore these values that propel the brand to be "a friend to hair, hairstylists, to her, him, them and you." In addition to the visual campaign, amika will also reveal updated brand messaging. 
  The All Hair Is Welcome campaign will launch with bold images and a series of videos that will be shared across social media and used in digital advertising initiatives. The hair in the campaign images was styled by amika's Global Artistic Director, Naeemah LaFond, as well as Mischa G and Jamie Brice. The All Hair Is Welcome video features an array of actors, influencers and everyday people---including parents of employees—and was entirely self-filmed in the subjects' own homes during the quarantine. The video was initially scheduled to be created in Spring 2020, however, plans came to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The original video concept articulated amika as a brand for everybody and showcased complex, individual hair journeys. 
  "From its inception, we felt that our brand is our community, and we have always included our community in everything that we do. The concept of the All Hair Is Welcome campaign is to have our community speak to what the brand stands for in their own voice," shares Vita Raykhman, amika's co-founder and creative director. "We are continuously inspired by individuality and we wanted to bring that to the forefront of this campaign rather than conceal it behind a shoot that was overly styled. We worked with an amazingly unique group of people to represent the brand's real commitment to diversity. While we did have to pivot from the original concept for the video shoot, we loved getting into the worlds of those featured, and in a way the campaign turned out even better than we expected as it added to the authenticity."
  The new campaign coincides with the brand's updated and fully articulated messaging that will be featured across all platforms. amika worked with GoodQues, a branding consultancy based in New York, to leverage their proprietary research tools to craft a tone of voice, persona and brand statement that was true to amika's DNA and reflective of its community. The full brand statement can be viewed on its website, Additionally, the updated brand messaging coincides with a website redesign to reflect the new positioning and evoke the brand's friendly and approachable spirit.
  A friend to hair, hairstylists, to her, him, them and you. The name amika means friend in the language Esperanto & represents our belief in the power of community and the beauty of diversity. Straight out of Brooklyn, where creativity and hustle are a way of life, we're a collective of creatives, hairstylists, chemists, and product enthusiasts. We only make products that make us proud. 10 collections for every hair type, texture and style. All hair is welcome.
  "amika is known for our fun, approachable packaging and high-performance products, but we felt our existing messaging wasn't clearly articulating our purpose or mission. Now more than ever, people want to support brands who share their values while still meeting their requirements for product efficacy, customer experience and accessibility," states Chelsea Riggs, amika's brand president. "Although amika has evolved immensely since its inception in 2007, our DNA hasn't changed. In the early days of building the brand, we were very much industry 'outsiders' and saw the beauty industry through a different lens. The viewpoint of what was considered beautiful was depicted on a limited spectrum—whether that meant excluding flaws, ages, or even skin colors and hair type. That did not sit well with us, and so we built a company of likeminded people to bring this vision to life. By clarifying who we are, we will continue to attract like-minded people, whether that's customers, employees or business partners, and will give everyone that interacts with the brand a renewed sense of purpose to ensure that all are welcome, always."

amika launches 
All Hair is Welcome campaign