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Hair Talk with JoJo
The Hair Care Expert
Q. I took my braids out after two months, and my shoulder length hair is a wreck. It’s frizzy and dry. What can I use to make my hair healthier ?
A. If you're doing home maintenance, I'd recommend deep moisturizing conditioning or old fashioned cholesterol. This will provide moisture and help smooth those cuticles. If you visit a salon, a deep protein treatment might be recommended followed by a deep moisturizing treatment. I don't recommend deep protein treatments for home use, because protein treatments can be damaging if they're not used properly. 
Q. My hair and scalp are extremely dry. What products can you suggest for at home use?
A. Influence has a Rosemary Mint treatment that I love to use this time of year. There's a pre-shampoo spray that you spray on the scalp 5-10 minutes before shampooing. If you have a hooded dryer or steamer to sit under that’s even better. Then shampoo with the rosemary mint shampoo and apply the conditioner. Once again a dryer or steamer opens the cuticle to allow deeper penetration.
Q. I have a Botox treatment on my hair, and I was told that I should only use sulfate-free shampoo. Are all sulfate-free shampoos created equal or are some brands better than others?
A. Usually the product line that’s used for your Botox treatment will have the best shampoo and conditioner for their treatments. In most cases, their products are more expensive. There are a lot of sulfate-free products on the market these days. Design Essentials has a great sulfate-free line that’s not over the top expensive, if you're looking to spend less and still get good quality.
Q. JoJo I'm looking for a wig, and buying online is hard for me. I can't tell how the wig will look on me, and sending them back once I don't like them never seems to happen. Are we allowed to try on wigs at Terry's, and do you have someone available to customize them if they need a little extra trimming and styling?
A. Yes you are allowed to try on wigs at Terry's Wigs, and we apply a protective covering before you try them on. How else can you tell if she's going to be your new girlfriend, and there is a wig stylist on hand to help you with fitting, trimming and styling. If necessary, we can also restyle any old girlfriend you might have at home. Just bring her in, when you visit.
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PRNewswire/ -- Vincenzo (Vince) Spinnato, Cosmetic Chemist, 'Certified Nose' and President/CEO of TurnKey Beauty Inc, Capistrano Beach, CA, has been selected by The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation and Ella Fitzgerald's licensing and brand management agency Evolution USA, to create a perfume that honors The First Lady of Song, Ella Fitzgerald. The perfume, to be called 'Ella – by Vincenzo Spinnato', will make its debut in the fourth quarter 2023.
  Ms. Fitzgerald is the most recorded female artist in history. She is the first African American woman to win a Grammy with a total of 13 wins in her lifetime. She sold over 40 million records and was the first female to win the Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award.
  "The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation is thrilled to partner with TurnKey Beauty to create a scent that honors the Queen of Jazz! We look forward to bringing the essence of Ella in perfume form to generations old and new," says Travis J. Rutherford, Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder of Evolution. The Foundation and Spinnato will work closely together to develop 'Ella', which will be reminiscent of Ms. Fitzgerald's favorite scents, aromas and perfumes, with a modern twist.
  Spinnato believes there is no better singer in the world than Ella Fitzgerald. "It's going to be a wonderful, unique, collaborative effort between Ms. Fitzgerald's Foundation and me to create just the right scent to honor this icon and national treasure," says Spinnato. "I am honored to be entrusted with this responsibility of helping to continue Ms. Fitzgerald's legacy and ensuring that a new generation falls in love with her songbooks as I have."
  Spinnato plans to create a perfume that will capture a rich, sultry, jazz club feel. "And I already know that her favorite color was yellow and that she loved roses, so both will have to be included in the creation of this perfume as well."
  The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation was formed in 1993 to fulfill Ms. Fitzgerald's desire to use the fruits of her success to help people of all races, cultures and beliefs. She broke down racial barriers with her voice, and her talent paved the way for other African American performers.
  "Ella Fitzgerald and her timeless elegance has touched all of us in some way with her singular voice," says Rutherford. "She could sing sultry ballads, sweet jazz and imitate every instrument in an orchestra."
  TurnKey Beauty will oversee this project from concept to launch including product development, manufacturing, packaging/design and marketing/advertising.
  For further information about the 'ELLA' perfume, see

Turn Key Beauty set to create 
Ella Fitzgerald cologne