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Hair Talk with JoJo 
the Haircare Expert
Q. My grey hair is out of control. It does its own thing. I press it, and it still gets puffy. It sticks up and won’t last, even when I get it professionally done. Any suggestions on taming stubborn grey hair?
A. Grey hair is harder to control, because there’s no pigment in it. That color pigment is what bends, when we curl. We can use oil to help block out the moisture and control the puffy look. Protein conditioners can also work by penetrating into the cortex layer of the hair and temporally replacing the lost pigment. Artificial color like hair dyes and rinses work too. If you’re interested in changing your look, use a clear rinse to act as a filler.
Q. I am 74 years young with salt and pepper shoulder length hair. Because I have been tender headed, I wash, condition and braid my hair with a leave in conditioner. I haven’t pressed or blow dried my hair for 15 years. My Question is how to keep my hair from getting dry and brittle?
A. Moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioners are the best place to start. Design Essential has a great honey almond moisturizer shampoo and almond butter conditioner. I also recommend silk growth oil. You will be amazed as your hair texture transforms, stop by Terry’s Place and pick some up and lets get started.
Q. I’m looking for something different this spring suggestions?
A. Color….. Highlights, rinses, Demi’s go for it. There’s nothing like color to change your look, and no time like spring to do it. If you don’t want to change your hair’s color, wigs are an excellent alternative and our lighter colored girlfriends are jumping off the shelves. Come on down to Terry’s Place Wigs and let us help create the new you!
  When your hair is on your mind drop Jojo a line.  
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Introducing Wyn Beauty by 
Serena Williams
IPRNewswire/ -- Introducing WYN BEAUTY by Serena Williams, a new brand of clean, high-performing, skin-loving makeup designed for life, not just a photo finish. A true reflection of the poetry in motion that Serena is on the court, it's makeup you can move in – flexible formulas that wear beautifully and keep skin hydrated all day. With 91 shades across 10 distinct products in the face, lip and eye categories, the brand is committed to living in color with confidence, so everyone will find their match.
     "I'm so excited to introduce WYN BEAUTY to the world," says founder and entrepreneur Serena Williams. "To me, beauty has always been about self-expression and stepping into the best version of myself. Throughout my career, I was always searching for makeup that looked good after hours on the court, mixing products myself and creating my own formulas while traveling the world. As I evolved and remained active both on and off the court, I needed products I could apply at 7am before a full day of meetings, spending time with my kids, making time for the things I love and still look good at the end of the day. I needed makeup that could truly move with me. That's the intention behind WYN BEAUTY – for people to live in it every single day of their lives and enhance the beauty they already have."
     From one of the most competitive people to ever walk the planet, Serena's beauty philosophy is decidedly not. "Beauty is a field where everyone wins," says Serena. "You set and define your own personal goals and standards. WYN isn't about being THE best, but your best."
     Serena's drive to give her best has always been coupled with authenticity through beauty: from the early beaded braids to nails that grew bolder each season and her signature cat-eye, Serena Williams has proven that beauty has the power to make a statement without saying a word.
     But Serena also knows when words matter – all WYN BEAUTY products and shades were intentionally named as personal affirmations – like the ones Serena wrote down in her "match books" and relied on in the locker room before playing—Brave, Momentum, Shine, Discover, Push, Build, Move, among others. The unique WYN Chartreuse hue of the packaging, which represents an energy and determination that is signature Serena, along with gold accents to celebrate her gold medals and unique netting design will be featured in a first-of-its-kind eye-catching brand expression in select Ulta Beauty stores. As the largest and premier beauty destination in the U.S., the exclusive retail partnership will fuel discovery and allow more people to experience WYN BEAUTY nationwide.
     "At Ulta Beauty, we're committed to celebrating beauty in all its forms so that everyone can express themselves through the products we offer; WYN BEAUTY is a shining example of this," said Monica Arnaudo, chief merchandising officer at Ulta Beauty. "Since meeting Serena several years ago, it was clear her passion for beauty would lead to a brand and product collection that embodies her winning spirit and brings a new perspective to makeup that beauty enthusiasts desire."
     WYN BEAUTY was founded by Serena Williams through a joint venture partnership with the Good Glamm Group, known for its disruptive tech-enabled portfolio of leading beauty and personal care brands across global markets. Good Glamm's thoughtful approach to brand-building, and a shared belief that products should be inclusive, responsible, purpose-driven and serve their communities makes them a great partner.
     "It's a privilege to partner and enter into this joint venture with Serena, work with her to bring life to her vision of WYN BEAUTY and create products that truly deliver high performance, synonymous with what she stands for," says Darpan Sanghvi, founder of Good Glamm Group.
     WYN products are formulated with clean, skin-loving ingredients that hydrate the skin, and are vegan and cruelty-free. The high-performing products are lightweight, formulated to be in motion and available in an expansive range of shades and undertones.
     WYN BEAUTY is now available on and launches exclusively at 685 Ulta Beauty stores across the U.S. and at on April 7, 2024