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AAT:  Keeping People Connected

   “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X
  When it comes to preparing for the future, Willie Brake has helped thousands to plan for brighter days. As the owner of All About Technology, Brake keeps clients informed on new technologies and keeps their computer systems up and running efficiently. The Detroit Native Sun sat down with Brake to reveal his keys for success and the benefits that can be had by using his services.
What goods and services does your company sell?
Founded in 2001, All About Technology, an international certified disability owned minority business enterprise is a total solutions provider and value added reseller of computer hardware and software. We serve large companies, government agencies, small businesses and residential customers. Our services cover the technology life cycle from procurement to installation, warranty support to removal and recycling. Our street-level retail storefront located at 6450 Michigan Avenue in Southwest Detroit provides customers with technology solutions. I started with humble beginnings and built a profitable business servicing loyal customers and pursuing my passion to bridge the digital divide by making sustainable technology accessible and affordable for all.
What changes did you make in your business after attending small business trainings offered by Launch Detroit, ProsperUs Detroit, Build Institute and TechTown?
  After completing several small business training programs offered by various organizations supporting Detroit based entrepreneurs, my passion was renewed as I reassessed and refined our business plan to reposition it for massive organic growth. I created more jobs and delegated more tasks that I used to complete on a daily basis. I streamlined our service offering, redefined our unique value proposition and executed a strategy that would leverage a wide array of digital technologies for business growth. As a result of being able to launch effective marketing campaigns and create immediate value for our clients, All About Technology continues to be an operational force in the marketplace.
How did the small business trainings and support assist you with job creation?
  The small business trainings and support assisted me in creating jobs by growing organically, adding customers, increasing our capacity and creating strategic alliances while delivering the tools to thrive in the marketplace. I have mastered the fundamentals of business which has allowed me to create operational efficiencies, build new business models, disrupt the competitive status quo of industry and spark innovation. I am now equipped with the tools required to put big data to practical use, the skills essential to manage data effectively, and the necessary insights for leveraging analytics to increase efficiency and productivity, and most importantly, seize new business opportunities. 
  Networking with other entrepreneurs in the small business community has been extremely valuable to me and our relationship makes it feel like we’re one big family. Many of my classmates continued the dialogue and the exchange of ideas and strategies even after the class ended. We continue to maintain an open network and are really passionate in keeping in touch with each other to provide ample opportunities for support, to learn from each other and stay connected.
  For additional information, visit www.callwillie.com or call Phone number (313) 218-4888.  

​ Coming from humble beginning in Mineola, Texas, James Tatum of Detroit has dedicated his life to teaching music to Detroit youth and celebrating the arts in the community through performances in music, dance, dramatics and visual arts.
  After completing his Master’s in Music Education from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Tatum became a music teacher at Detroit Murray-Wright High School. He served over 3 decades with the Detroit Public School System at Murray-Wright. When he retired, the music department expanded to include more community choirs and bands. He departed as the Fine Arts Department Head.
  James Tatum couldn’t shake off his calling to teach music. Tatum said, “When I was a little boy about age 3, I would play with the piano keys to create chords. My grandmother told my mother then, there is something in that boy.”
  James Tatum went on to teach Jazz Piano at Oakland University in Rochester and Music History courses at Wayne County Community College District of Michigan. Tatum is also the founder and recording artist of the James Tatum Trio Plus, Inc. 
  James Tatum still felt that he could be doing a little bit more to keep the arts alive in the community as public school systems started cutting arts programs. In 1987, he founded the James Tatum Foundation for the Arts (JTFA). It’s a nonprofit community organization that awards educational arts scholarships and provides music programs for area youths. 
  “Since the establishment of the James Tatum Foundation for the Arts, over 565 performing arts students have been assisted. Bringing the monetary value of the scholarships awarded to over $373,000.” Tatum said. “Ninety-five percent of our recipients have received their degrees and are professional artists and teachers across the nation. Some are teaching in the Detroit Public Schools Community District and throughout the world.”
  This year the Foundation is celebrating its 30th anniversary and invites the public to its annual Classical and Jazz Music Benefit Concert on Sunday, March 19. The program will begin at 5:30 p.m. at Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall (Max M. Fisher Music Center), 3711 Woodward in midtown Detroit.
  Tickets are $15 to $55. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit www.jamestatumfoundation.com, call the office at 313-255-9015 or email requests to clejam@sbcglobal.net.
  Now as a world-renowned recording artist, composer, lecturer, educator and jazz pianist, James Tatum welcomes the community to come out to support his longtime community efforts. 


James Tatum:
 Keeping Arts Alive in Detroit