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Positively Detroit
Rising to the Challenge


   “You can’t spell challenge without change. If you’re going to rise to the challenge, you have to be prepared to change.”
  When it comes to taking on the challenge to help ones to change, Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon is leading the charge.
  The Detroit Native Sun had an opportunity to interview the sheriff to give readers a greater awareness on the challenges he faces daily.
What is the role of the Wayne County Sherriff?
The Wayne County Sheriff’s office is the third largest law enforcement agency in Michigan, with more than 1,000 officers and civilian employees spread across five divisions (Executive Division, Field Services, Courts, Jails and Special Operations Division). The mission of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is to protect and serve the citizens of Wayne County as a regional law enforcement resource to the county’s 43 local police departments and other law enforcement partners. In addition to providing safe and secure incarceration for an average daily population of 2,600 inmates, the Sheriff’s office also provides critical services to each of the county’s communities, including marine patrols, park patrols, fugitive apprehension, internet investigations, border enforcement, child rescue, drug and prostitution enforcement and many others. 
What is your biggest challenge on a daily basis?
The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has a very cooperative and collaborative relationship with Office and Staff of Wayne County Executive Warren Evans. To this end, the Sheriff’s Office and the County Executive’s Office meet on a regular and consistent weekly and monthly basis to address the challenges of budgetary constraints and manpower shortages. The Sheriff’s Office is currently operates 3 separate and distinct jail facilities, which are more than 100 years old (combined) with no modern technology and a staff shortage of approximately 150 officers. Officers are required to work excessive amounts of overtime on a daily basis.  
How do you overcome those challenges?
My commitment and dedication to the law enforcement is fueled by the positive strength and energy that I draw from the hardworking professional men and women of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. This combined with the collaborative relationship that we share with the citizens and the Wayne County Business community helps me to address and overcome the many challenges that we face.  
What do you enjoy most about your job and why?
The ability to positively impact the life, safety, welfare, and well-being of the citizens in Wayne County.
  Next month, Sheriff Napoleon will discuss programs offered to help inmates overcome their challenges and become free to prosper in society.

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