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Positively Detroit
Hollywood meets Detroit
   In celebration of National Princess Week, Royalty Industries and The Princess Within Boutique is hosting its 6th Annual Princess Ball on Sunday April 30 from 4pm-8pm at The Northwest Activities Center 18100 Meyers in Detroit, Michigan. 
   The Hollywood-inspired Princess Ball will feature teen paparazzi during a red carpet preview. Girls will find their names on the Detroit/Hollywood Walk of Fame as they enter the awards gala. Eight Metro Detroit area girls will receive accolades in the areas of academics, sports, art, music, technology and fashion. The 2017 Princess of the Year will serve as co-Mistress of Ceremonies and be crowned by Princess Zaria, the inspiration for the event. Last year, the Princess Ball drew over 150 girls and their moms(and some dads) to raise awareness that girls are making extraordinary academic achievement while living their dreams through non-scholastic endeavors, as well. The glitzy event will encourage girls to possess goal setting and self awareness to earn and maintain good grades and high honors.
  Two academic princesses from The Academy of International Studies of Hamtramck, MI will be presented with a $25 Visa gift card and most improved award for academically excelling by at least two letter grades from first through second card marking. Princess Ball founder and award winning children's author, Cheryl Pope , credits her 15 year old daughter as the inspiration for the annual Princess Ball. "This year's Hollywood theme is the brain-child of my daughter, Zaria", says Pope. "She borrowed the theme from Cass High School's Grammy Night. She is so hands on with the presentation and loves meeting new princesses. The overall program has taught her leadership skills as well as basic presentation techniques."
  For ticket information contact Cheryl Pope at 313-412-9053 or www.princesszaria.com
  Royalty Industries , LLC is a multi-service organization that produces children's books, hosts girly parties and manages a national fan club for girls. 

     For the past 13 years, Black WOMEN Rock! has been an authentic musical, cultural and social event that brings together amazing rock and roll goddesses for one night of memorable performances. A multi-generational experience, the show is a beautiful and necessary response to the diminished presence of women in music concerts and music education. 
    “Black women are underrepresented in rock music and culture, yet our contributions are innumerable,” says founder jessica CARE moore.
  This year, the theme is Black WOMEN Rock REBEL WOMEN. Timed perfectly for the current social climate, Black WOMEN Rock celebrates and challenges women to resist. “This year’s event is in honor of the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Detroit Rebellion,” moore says, “The rebellion highlighted the social and economic conditions of the city and was a key moment in the civil rights movement.” After the election of a president who has demonstrated extremism, sexism, and racism the need for Rebel Women to stand up and lead is key.
     Black WOMEN Rock REBEL WOMEN will again return to the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History on Saturday, March 18 at 8pm. This year’s performers include Tamar-kali, Navasha Daya, Jessie Wagner, Steffanie Christ’ian, Zakiya Harris, jessica CARE moore, Divinity Roxx and many more.
  After a night of rocking out, all Black WOMEN Rock REBEL WOMEN performers plus a sister fire circle of thinkers, artists, and healers will again gather for a discussion about radical healing, radical institution building, and radical art in a time of spiritual war. 
     “This conversation is the foundation of our Black WOMEN Rock event,” moore explains, “We need to tell our stories, and share our collective wisdom now more than ever!” 
     The Black WOMEN Rock REBEL WOMEN Sister Fire Circle will also take place at the Wright Museum on Sunday, March 19 at 1pm. This event is FREE.
     Tickets for Black WOMEN Rock REBEL WOMEN are available at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. For more information, visit blackwomenrock.com.

Black Women Rock
CAD upgrade corner
By Regina Jones
  Where can I practice? Who will support me or my business financially? What should I do now? How can I volunteer or get an internship? These are common questions that CAD receives daily from business owners, artists, youth, seniors, disabled, college students, veterans, returning citizens, the homeless and aged out foster care youth. Here are some questions for you all with answers and solutions.
  CAD has partnered with three sites that have made 34 apartments available to aged out foster care youth and veterans to stay on a campus to receive training, a job, help opening a business, financial and credit management, fitness, health and grooming upgrades from Corporation for Artistic Development. Some amenities include a gym, athletic field, theater, commercial kitchen, furniture, appliances, farming and a computer lab.
     CAD provides free information to teenagers, adults and businesses that become members. They receive facts on when, where and how to get funding for a project or event. They also receive new grant leads and applications monthly to get cash, supplies and equipment donations, volunteers and help applying for financial support throughout the year. Grants are available to individuals, community groups and the non-profit 501 c3.
     In every culture, there are youth and adults, whether disabled or non-disabled that write jokes for stand-up comics, food and beverage recipes, spoken word and poetry, scripts, books, news articles, songs and rap. There are drummers, musicians from every musical genre, church, school and community bands, orchestras, drum lines and solo artists. There are people that would love to be in a television studio audience. Now it’s there time to shine on television for the upcoming show WAM (The Greatest Writers and Musicians) airing locally, on national cable television and internationally. Just send a biography of the writer and or musician (s) and a video clip showcasing their talent for a chance at an audition and interview. The show will also provide opportunities for music and video studio time, prizes, awards, scholarships, jobs and contracts.
    Lastly, don’t get sad, don’t get mad. There is a place for you to meet, practice, play sports, rehearse, hold events, athletic tournaments and attend or provide fitness, hustle, dance and arts starting as early as 8am and open as late as 11pm Monday through Saturday. There is a gym, hall, athletic field, classroom, small kitchen, commercial kitchen. So get glad, because CAD is your connection to upgrade your life.
     Have a personal road block that needs to be resolved? Email Mama Wit at minbgardner@gmail.com
     Ready for your next level in business, arts, fitness or employment? Email CAD at itstimeforcad@gmail.com
  You can reach CAD by telephone or fax at (313) 221-9516 www.itscadbiz.com