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AUGUST 2018   
The Bird Cage
By Ma’at Seba
     I was sitting on the couch one day talking on the phone about some spiritual matters with a friend of mine. He put me on hold for a minute and while I waited, I was looking at my two birds, one was a parakeet and the other was a cockatiel. The parakeet’s cage was broken so we put him in the larger cage with the cockatiel. Now the bars on this cage were much wider apart so the parakeet got out whenever he felt like it, which is just what he did on this day. Now my little feathered friend must have thought he was a Top Gun fighter pilot because every time he got out of his cage he would always seem to find me and dive bomb as near to my head as he could. After he made three “fly by” attempts, he flew back to the cage and squeezed back through the bars. At this point I was not a happy camper with him and I said to myself: “that little nut, doesn’t he know that those bars are supposed to keep him in the birdcage?” That’s when Spirit showed me that the birdcage represented our minds and the bird “didn’t know” he was supposed to stay inside, so he didn’t! He did not know that he was not supposed to get out; his mind was not limited or programmed like humans are. Spiritually birds can represent freedom, flight, movement, and without limits or boundaries. Too often we limit ourselves from doing things that we would like to do for one reason or another, mainly a false fear, and not knowing that there is nothing that we cannot achieve, if we believe that we can. We place the bars around our own minds.
     “I’m broke”,”I can’t”, I’m never going to be able to…””You make me sick”,“I can’t afford it”, “All men are …”, “I’m too fat”, “ I can’t find a good job”, “ There are no good women left”, “Money is hard to come by”, and the list goes on and on. These are a few of the negative comments that people regularly state and think nothing else about it. If you have ever said any of these comments, or any similar to them, even jokingly, you more than likely have lived your comment. If you have said, think or believe that “money is hard to come by”, money will always be hard for you to acquire. “As a man thinketh, so shall he be”. Please understand that “thoughts are things” and “thoughts and words have power”, don’t take this sayings lightly! Thoughts are a magnetic vibrational energy which will attract to it the same vibrations, energy or thoughts. You WILL attract to you what you think and believe! Rich people constantly think about abundance and prosperity, poor people constantly think fearfully and about lack. If you want more and better in your life then raise your personal bar and set higher goals. Believe that you will attain those goals even if nothing in your world reflects your success right now. Know that it will happen and you will not take no for an answer!
     The brain is like a tape recorder, it records all of your thoughts (positive and negative) including anything that you say and sends those thought messages to the sub-conscious mind which replays those messages back and begins to make those messages manifest into your reality via the Law of Attraction. When you state, ”I’m broke, I don’t have any money”, your sub-conscious records your command, and sends out the vibration of lack and poverty so that you will draw into your life lack, poverty and having no money because that is what you ordered and commanded. The unconscious mind does not have any emotions, nor can it distinguish from what you said and what you “meant to say” or that you were “just joking” (do not joke and only say exactly what you mean because that is what you will manifest). It is just like a typewriter or a computer, the only thing that will print on the paper is WHAT YOU TYPE IN. The unconscious mind will only do what You Instructed it to do, which was to make sure that you are broke and don’t have any money! It’s time to change your thoughts if you want to change your circumstances. Your lifestyle is representative of how you think.
     This society has indoctrinated us to believe that we are not in control of what goes on in our lives. Understand that you can have anything that you want in this world, just state it, and believe (know) it. The movie “Matrix” is one of the most powerful movies that you could possibly watch. The most important words in that movie were “FREE YOUR MIND”. How was it that the main character “Neo” (the One), was able to do all those “impossible” feats? The only thing that was done to him was that his diet was altered to be higher in nutrition and his brain was “reprogrammed”, that’s all! Start to reprogram your mind. Learn to stand in faith and believe that whatever it is that you desire you can obtain it. Stop fear and disbelief at your mind’s door. Climb through the bars of your mind and let your mind fly free!
     Ma’at Seba is a motivational speaker and writer. Email her at Maatseba@yahoo.com. or call (313) 861-1118.   

Mom on the Rebound
By D. L. Gibson
   I was expecting the worse. Sister girl and the crazy deacon’s sister-in-law walked up with mean looks on their face. There wasn’t a security guard in sight. Was she going to try to strike me upside my head with the phone? And, did sister girl switch sides? 
     Questions ran through my head, as I wondered what was going on. They both walk right up to me and then....No they didn’t. These two hussies bust out laughing. 
     “Got cha,” sister girl said. “Girl you looked like you were about to poop in your pants. Chill out. This is Marsha, the deacon’s sister-in-law. And, guess what?”
     Now, sister girl should know me by now and know that I’m not into guessing games. But, I went along to appease her, and answered “What”.
     Marsha works with your cousin. That’s how she got the picture with the crazy deacon hugged up with one of the drag queens at the club.
     “Girl...it’s a good thing that he was in jail,” Marsha said. “It served as a protection for him, because I was going to beat the sugar out of his tank. I knew that little runt was no good, before my sister walked down the aisle with him. I tried to warn her, but she wouldn’t listen. When your cousin passed around the picture of him at work, I literally fell out of my chair. My co-workers had to help me up. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I wanted to tell my sister, but I didn’t want to break her heart. Then, she saw the picture anyway at a meeting with the deacons at the church. She told me how she tried to get at you, but you’re not the one she should be mad at. I don’t blame you. I blame that crazy little fool she married.”
     I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. My cousin told me that she only showed the picture to a couple of people. I didn’t dare ask Marsha, if she saw the video too. I was relieved to know that she placed blame where it properly belongs - on the crazy deacon. 
     Then, she asked me how I got the picture. Sister girl started laughing. As Marsha looked in her direction to see why she was laughing, I tried to signal for sister girl to shut up. We just met this chick. We can’t spill the whole can of beans. We have to save some for an emergency.
  The more I winked and gave sister girl the evil eye, the more she laughed.  
  “Girl tell me. What’s up,” Marsha asked.
  She caught her breath, then said,
“If only you knew.”
    Why did she tease her with that line? Lord, help me, before I have to pop sister girl in the mouth.
     Mom on the Rebound is based on actual events.   

Telford Telescope: 
Bibbs, Phillips, Hearnes to go in Sports Hall of Fame

By Dr. John Telford
    On Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. in Burt's Market Place Theater, sprint luminary Jim Bibbs, star half-miler Ron Phillips, and champion boxer Thomas Hearns will be inducted into the Detroit Public Schools Sports Zone Hall of Fame. Tickets for the affair, which raises scholarship money for Detroit students, are $50. Mail checks to Sports Zone Hall of Fame c/o Miller London, 2727 Russell, Detroit 48207.  
     I'm particularly thrilled to see my Detroit Track Club world-record-breaking 880-yard relay teammate Jim Bibbs join me, Will Robinson, Spencer Haywood, Jerome Bettis, Jalen Rose, Lou Scott, Deon Hogan, Northwestern's late great "Gay Ghost" Henry Carr, and other old-time athletes who are already in this historic Hall. After having previously set that world 880-yard relay mark in 1958 at Ann Arbor's old Yost Fieldhouse, members of that same world-record Detroit TC team then also won silver medals at the National AAU Championships a week later at the old Madison Square Garden- finishing second after dropping the baton while in the lead and miraculously zooming back to miss taking the gold by scant inches. Our relay teammates were world-record hurdler "Bullet Billy" Smith, my WSU teammate on champion teams at the 1956 Ohio and Penn Relays, and another old Tartar--five-time state AAU sprint champion Pete Petross, who later became the principal of Mumford High School. In the inset photo from a 1958 issue of the Michigan Chronicle, that team Is pictcured, from the left--Petross, Bibbls, Smith, and Yours Truly. In 1951, wearing the green-and-white of old Michigan Normal College (later EMU), JIm Bibbs was the first man to equal Jesse Owens' 1935 world sixty-yard record. He later became the head track coach at MSU, where he coached world record-breakers Marshall Dill, Herb Washington, and Bill Wehrwein.  
  Ron Phillips won city and state half-mile titles for Denby High School in record times and went on to break more records and be named to NCAA All-American teams indoors and outdoors at the University of Illinois. Phillips remains the fastest half-miler ever to come out of the Detroit Public Schools. He later became the principal of Detroit Cody High School and served two terms as vice president of the philanthropic Detroit Track & Field Old-Timers, which has led the fight to get men's track restored at WSU and a track fieldhouse built on the WSU campus in Detroit, which is the only city its size east of the Mississippi River that doesn't have such a facility.  
    Thomas Hearns, an alumnus of old Northeastern High School who won world titles in five weight classes representing Detroit's old Kronk Gym, will also be inducted. His action-packed fights with fellow champions Pepino Cuevas, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, and Roberto Duran will never be forgotten.  
     Other 2018 Detroit Sports Zone Hall of Fame inductees include Markita Aldridge, Gilbert Brown, Johnny Davis, George Perles, David "Smokey" Gaines, and Dr. Robert Davis. Randy Henry, Station WDIV's morning news director and a 2016 Hall of Fame inductee, will serve as the master of ceremonies. 
     Detroit author and poet John Telford, a recent DPS superintendent, was an NCAA All-American quarter-miler for WSU and outran Olympic champions on the U.S. National Team in Europe in 1957. Hear him Saturday mornings at 9:30 and Monday evenings at 6:30 on WCHB1340 AM. The call-in number is 837-1340. Get his Detroit-oriented books at The Source Booksellers, 4240 Cass in Detroit, the Grey Wolfe Scriptorium at 145 E. 14 Mile in Clawson, any Barnes & Noble store, and on amazon.com (type in Dr. John Telford). His website in www.AlifeontheRUN.com. Contact him at (313) 460-8272.