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DECEMBER 2017    
How dare you edit my book!

By Ma’at Seba
  Have you ever thought in terms of your life as being a book? That each day of your life starts a new page and each year begins a new chapter? When you were born, you were given blank sheets of paper in which to write your life’s book upon. Every day, every experience that you have from the sights, to the sounds, to all interactions that you have with others are written on this book.
     This includes all your thoughts, feelings, emotions and reactions, which are the ingredients that make up your character, personality and the image that others see and form about you.
     As with any book, before it can be printed and published, it has to be edited, and the Creator in all It’s infinite wisdom provides us with “Proofreaders”. A proofreader reads the text and notes any errors or needed corrections. The proofreaders are anyone in your life and daily interactions that point out any weaknesses or flaws within your personality, behaviors and /or character. Your proofreader could be your mate, children, parents, siblings, co-workers, friends, neighbors, strangers or “enemies”. Most people are so self-absorbed into their own book that all they choose to see is a perfect text, and if there were any flaws they feel that they would be so minuscule that no one will even notice them, but the proofreaders do!
  Most people feel hurt, upset or are even enraged if, and or when someone (their proofreader), “tells them about their self” (or edits their book). When this happens, unfortunately, they have missed the whole point of experiencing the experience of life. Part of the point is to learn to embrace the “bad” along with the “good”, the painful experiences as well as the pleasurable ones, for there will always be both, and they both are encompassed in the experience.
     As a writer, it would terrify me to have my book published, mass produced and distributed, full of misspelled words and grammatical errors. I would want my book to be perfect. I want it to look exactly the way that I envisioned it, and for the reader to read, receive and comprehend the information in my book exactly as I was trying to convey it.
     For an author to release an unedited book would be a costly mistake on their part. Imagine for a minute that you bought a novel. It was filled with misspelled words, one paragraph did not flow evenly into the next paragraph, the illustrations were unclear and the text seemed jumbled up and confusing. What would you think about that book? What would you think about that author?
     Now, either this author did not use a proofreader, or they did not accept the corrections or editing of the proofreader. Regardless to the author’s choice, I’m sure that is one book that will never make it to the bestseller’s list.
     The people in your daily lives, your proofreaders, sometimes point out behaviors that you exhibit that might anger or hurt you (such as being judgmental, egotistical, selfish, impatient, controlling, jealous, angry etc.), but try to see your proofreaders as a blessing, not a curse or an enemy. We NEED proofreaders in our lives to help us to see ourselves, for “The eyes can see everything in the world except for themselves”. Once the proofreaders have made their notations in your book (because a proofreader could not point out a mistake if it was not there), the next step is for you to do honest self-analysis. Every person seeks to find and experience peace and happiness in their lives but lack the tools to achieve it. Self-analysis is one of those tools, and if honest self-analysis is applied daily, the results will become evident almost immediately.
     So, the next time that a proofreader needs to edit your book, don’t get angry with them, begin to:
1. Accept the proofreaders notations of any errors (acknowledge the fact that the person pointing out flaws in your behavior, might be telling you the truth)
2. Revise your text to reflect an edited version (change your attitude or behaviors)
3. Re-read your manuscript (practice honest self-analysis daily)
4. Prepare for a best-seller (begin to receive the blessings, compliments and happiness that will start to manifest in your life)
  Now when you have successfully done these things, you will have spiritually grown to the point where instead of saying “How Dare You Edit My Book!” you will say, “Thank You For Editing My Book!”
  Ma’at Seba is a motivational speaker and writer. Email her at Maatseba@yahoo.com. or call (313) 861-1118.  

DECEMBER 2017    
Mom on the Rebound

By D. L. Gibson
     Should I leave well enough alone? I knew that I should just let it go, but a part of me wanted to know. Was my ex-husband Chris the third person involved in the threesome with Miss Hazelnut and the crazy deacon? 
     Questions started roaming through my mind causing me to go insane. I had to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth. How did Chris contract HIV? If he didn’t get it from Miss Hazelnut, did he catch it from the crazy deacon? Or, did they catch it from him? If it wasn’t them, then who?
     Sister girl kept telling me to leave it alone. “You really don’t want to know,” she said.
  But, that was far from the truth. I not only wanted to know, I had to know. Curiosity was getting the best of me. I had a couple of pictures in my phone that I was trying to refrain myself from showing the queens. But, if it was Chris, then wanted to know when was the first time he went to the club and with whom did he go with. 
  What in the world did they do in the VIP room that would make a man give up a real woman for a drag queen. And, why in the world would he go to one of them, when he had me! I’ve kept up my curves since the day we got married. In fact, some have said that I’ve gotten better in time. When me and my daughter are out together, people always comment on how we look like sisters. I’ve got it going on...if I should say so myself. Beyonce’ ain’t got nothing on Miss D...And that’s “D” as in “Dang” momma is banging.
     After all, I’m still able to turn the heads of guys nearly half my age. I have to check their IDs to make sure they’re legal, so that I won’t end up in jail. All I want to know is why?
     Curiosity started to get the best of me. I strolled through the gallery of pictures in my phone and came across a strange picture. It was a picture of Chris with the crazy deacon, his son, another guy and the man that he cheated on me with. How did I get this picture? I starred at it for a few minutes trying to figure out where it came from. 
     I showed sister girl and she asked, “Did you download it from somewhere?”
     I checked my download folder and discover that it was a picture that was downloaded but from where? Now, I would have to become a private investigator again to determine where this picture came from.
     I was getting sidetracked from the matter at hand. I just went full blast and asked the question. I walked over to the queen that was doing all of the talking and asked her, do you recognize any of the guys in this picture?
  “Girl...let me see,” she said. “Child all of these guys look familiar. Oh my goodness... That’s him. That’s the guy that was in the VIP room with Miss Hazelnut and shorty smooth. I believe that’s he one they had the threesome with!”
  Her finger was all over the place. Which one was she pointing to. Lord I hope it isn’t Chris.  
     Mom on the Rebound is based on actual events.   

Telford Telescope: 
Detroit dashmen form educational network
By Dr. John Telford
       Somewhere in the archives of the Michigan Chronicle and the then-three daily Detroit newspapers, there may still be a 1958 photo of a Detroit Track Club relay team that set a world record at 880 yards in Ann Arbor. Two weeks later, it rocketed incredibly from last place to win silver medals in the national sprint relay final in the 1958 NAAU Championships at New York's old Madison Square Garden. It achieved this miracle despite having dropped the baton while passing it in the lead and then snatching it up again and catching all but one of its nationally-ranked rival teams, losing the gold by inches. Those four sprinters were this writer, the late "Bullet Billy" Smith (world 65-yard low hurdles record-breaker), future MSU track coach Jim Bibbs (the first runner to equal Jesse Owens' world 60-yard mark), and the late Irving "Pete" Petross (a five-time Michigan AAU sprint champion, future Mumford High School Principal and fellow DPS Executive Director with me in 2000-2001).  
     Along with the late, great Central High School All-American quarter-miler Cliff Hatcher, this writer had also teamed in 1954, 1955 and 1956 at Wayne State University with "Bullet Billy" Smith and former Northern High School star Ralph Carter to win races at seventeen relay carnivals throughout the East and Midwest, including 880-yard and one-mile relay titles at the Ohio Relays in Columbus and at the historic Penn Relays in Philadelphia. I was later instrumental in getting "Bullet Billy" the track and football coaching jobs at Southwestern High. U.S. Marine Corps 440-yard champion Ralph Carter began his teaching career in DPS and ultimately became a professor of education at Rutgers.  
     In 2013, Dr. Carter's much younger cousin James Hare and his Detroit-based QWK2LRN staff would have rescued DPS from its current tragic status as the worst-scoring school district in America if the state-appointed DPS Emergency Manager hadn't fired me from the DPS Superintendency and disempowered our elected School Board. He was enabled to do this when Michigan's Republican-dominated government re-enacted the odious emergency manager law which during the previous fourteen years of the state takeover had decimated our then-fiscally solvent and academically successful DPS--and which Jim Crowist law Michiganians had voted overwhelmingly to rescind in November of 2012.  
     Fast-forward to 2017: Detroit Public Schools--now called Detroit Public Schools Community District--has a new, partially re-empowered Board and a new Superintendent named Nikolai Vitti who is quickly learning Motown's political ropes and confronting the intricate challenges posed by the past 17 years of academic and financial damage perpetrated by the unwarranted 1999 state takeover. He is also standing up to the Lansing legislators who selectively seek to impose discriminatory sanctions on DPSCD without requiring them of any other school district.  
  Now is the time for our entire community to get behind Dr. Nikolai Vitti and help him restore DPS' historic national predominance. Dr. Vitti is no stranger to tough challenges, having been a defensive back on the Wake Forest football team. Given that competitive experience and spirit, he is now poised to use QWL2LRN and other field-proven programs to help carry on the victorious legacy of those four old-time Detroit dashmen who out-sped the world's best and then returned home as educators to serve our children so faithfully and so well.  
  Half-a-century ago, Detroit educator John Telford was named to the NCAA and NAAU All-American track teams, outran Olympic champions, and went undefeated at 200 and 400 meters representing America on the U.S. team in Europe. Hear him on WCHBAM1340 Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. and Mondays at 6:30 p.m. Get his Detroit-oriented books at The Source Booksellers at 4240 Cass, Barnes & Noble book stores, and on www.amazon.com. Contact him at (313) 460-8272 or email DrJohnTelfordEdD@aol.com. His website is www.A Life on the Run.com.