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JANUARY 2019  

Relationship First Aid
By Ma’at Seba
    In life there are several things that we all must experience, three of them are: birth, death and relating to others. Being that one of the basic human needs other than food, shelter and clothing is companionship, relationships are not really looked at from the depth and level of importance with which they hold in our lives. The quest for a relationship begins at birth and extends until a person passes. Relationships not only fill emotional voids; they also define the character of those involved in the relationship. The success or failure (both are relative terms) of our relationships are as a direct result of how we relate to the other person(s). Judgment and intolerance of others opinions or beliefs (or our perceptions of them) cause discord and inharmoniousness not only in our own interpersonal relationships, but it is also evident in the interactions with the other person(s).
     When it comes to relationships, the most important, overlooked and most feared, is the relationship that a person has with themselves. This is why people jump from one relationship to another hoping to find the person that will fill their emotional holes and love the parts of them that they don’t even love themselves. They do not want to be alone or spend time by themselves because then they will eventually start to look at themselves and think about all the things that they do not like and even hate about themselves. Running from the mirror will solve nothing and will only prolong the inevitable pain that will push itself back to the surface to eventually be dealt with. The secret is that standing in the mirror and facing, accepting, and eventually loving the reflection is the goal to spiritual enlightenment and happiness. The only thing that has been lacking is the process in which to do so.
    On this spiritual journey called life, we experience ups and downs, we are faced with our greatest fears and blessed with our hopes and dreams coming true. We all seek for the “good/pleasant” things to happen in life but do not want to accept that the “bad/painful” experiences in life are just as, and even more important than the “good” experiences because it is from the painful experiences that we experience our greatest growth and lessons. At some point in time, a parent says that they are doing the best that they can to raise their children because they “weren’t given a manual” on how to raise them. Well, the spiritual journey is the same way. There was powerful information that was withheld from the masses of people so that those harboring that information (those with economic, political and religious agendas) could possess and maintain control over the people. This spiritual and metaphysical information was withheld while lies and misinformation was taught and even forced upon the masses and carried out by the religious leaders of the era. It is still happening to this day, evidenced by the 1% of the population controlling 99% of the people in the world, especially economically. However, that hidden information is now being spread to the masses of people and with the daily application of that knowledge, people are beginning to enjoy a life that is more peaceful and harmonious.
    Relationship First Aid, will be a series that explores some of the spiritual information that was withheld from you so that you can begin to identify the many aspects of your life that you might think are happenstance, fate, bad luck etc., and begin to view these experiences in a different way. When it is fully understood that we all are spirits temporarily residing in physical bodies to have a human experience, and those experiences are the vehicles through which our souls learn and elevate, only then can we really appreciate and embrace our life’s journey. You will discover that you have a divine purpose on this planet and that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, and that reason is a part of your spiritual growth and elevation.
  Some of the topics will be: Spiritual Laws, Karma, Why were you born? (Your soul's purpose), Self-reflection, Identifying the causes of unhealthy relationships, Your health is directly related to your thoughts, and much more. This information holds some of the keys to the “Manual” of life.
    Ma’at Seba is the founder and facilitator of RELATIONSHIP FIRST AID, a program which uses spiritual principles as the tools to identify and resolve the causes of unhealthy, toxic or stressful relationships, whether it is with your mate, children, friends, co-workers as well as yourself. Ma’at can be reached for speaking engagements, classes or lectures at: Relationshipfirstaid@yahoo.com or Maatseba@gmail.com


Mom on the Rebound
By D. L. Gibson
   Can someone please call for back up?
  Nutty must run in Marsha’s family, because she was missing a few screws. The crazy chick was hanging onto my back window that she had busted out. Shattered glass was flying around, and blood was dripping from her hands. Yet, she would not let go.
   She must have the strength of three muscle-bound men. The security guard was still lying on the ground. I looked out of my rear mirror and saw two guards helping him up. I hoped that they would look out to see this fool hanging onto my window or hear her screaming at the top of her lungs for me to stop and to let her into my car.
     Sister girl was yelling for me to speed up. Then, she yelled out for me to stop. I guess she thought that we could jerk the car hard enough for her to fall off.
     I had to slow down to turn out of the parking lot. I didn’t think that what was left of my back window would be big enough for her to crawl through. Yet, this 300-pound woman tried to lift her leg up onto my trunk. Sister girl leaned over her chair and grabbed an umbrella that was lying on my back seat. She then took the end of it and poked Marsha’s hand with the metal tip. 
  “Let go! Get your big butt off of this car,” sister girl yelled. Then, she used both hands to strike Marsha’s hand as hard as she could.
    Suddenly, we heard Marsha scream, and she let go. I put my foot to the metal and drove off. As I turned the corner, two police cars with flashing sirens were turning into the parking lot. I hoped that they would continue into the parking lot and arrest Marsha. They could put her in the same cell with the crazy deacon. Then, they both could beat each other down. 
     Just when sister girl and I thought that we were in the clear and free to head home, one of the police cars made a u-turn and pulled up behind us. I drove down to the corner underneath the streetlight. I didn’t want to take any chances. Besides, we didn’t do anything.
  I watched out of my rear view mirror, as the officer get out of his car. I felt a sigh of relief, when I was able to see his face. It was my rescuer from my ordeal with the crazy deacon.
  “Miss Dee...we’ve got to stop meeting like this. Trouble seems to be following you,” he said. “Are you ok?”
     Happily, I said yes with a wide grin on my face. You always seem to come to my rescue at the right time. The woman who was chasing us is the crazy deacon’s sister-in-law.
     “You’ve got to be kidding,” he said. “Where is she?”
     Sister girl and I looked back, but she wasn’t lying on the ground. Oh no! Officer look out!
.    Mom on the Rebound is based on actual events.  

Telford Telescope: 

By Dr. John Telford
   Since 1956, I've taught intermittently in Detroit Public Schools and at Wayne State and Oakland Universities--always with social justice as my underlying educative theme. I've also served in administrative jobs in a number of human-rights-oriented social service agencies, in five local school districts and a college--and once (ill-advisedly) for a cluster of charter schools.  
  In 1989, my house in Rochester Hills was shot up at midnight by the Southeastern Michigan Skinheads in retaliation for my recruiting and hiring black administrators in the then - 98 percent white Rochester Community Schools. (The shooters were caught and imprisoned.) In 2009 in a then-mostly-white Madison Heights, I was fired by an embattled school board for bringing in hundreds of Detroit students when i was the Superintendent of the Madison District Public Schools. In 2013, I got fired again--this time as the Superintendent of the Detroit Public Schools under state-imposed emergency financial mismanagement--when the Republicans reinstated the emergency manager law which we Michiganians had voted overwhelmingly to defeat.  
  In September of 2017, the newly-created Detroit Public Schools Community District re-hired me in the part-time position of Poet in Residence. My home school is Southeastern High School, where many years ago t coached track champions and taught students in my English classes to write activist poetry and become social activists--and I'm now doing that same thing again there at the venerable age of 83. Recently I recited some of my my activistically-oriented poems at two other schools where I coached champions in the 1960s--King and Pershing. Here is one of those poems:
'Separate and unequal' 
 Has an evil sequel. 
The devilish creation 
Of racial segregation 
 Is utter subjugation 
 And clear discrimination. 
So found 'Brown 
versus Board of Education.' 
True reconciliation 
and total integration 
are needed in our nation. 
 Therefore may it escape
 the fatal final fate 
 of God's annihilation.
  Among the several hundred students I've addressed in the past eighteen months, there was only one lone white face. This underscores that now--64 years later--the Supreme Court's 1954 'Brown vs. Board of Education' ruling remains virtually unenforced in many locales across America--urban, suburban, and rural.
  I also shared this couplet with the students:  
We need to dump / The racist Trump. 
  Thus inspired, my Southeastern student Kristopher Gould wrote:
On Election Day Trump got elected. 
This changed the U.S. 
so we felt unprotected. 
Trump's a MISTAKE that is still undetected!
  And that monstrous mistake is 'still undetected' by many who misguidedly voted for the pathologically narcissistic Trump--but I suspect that most are beginning to realize they did indeed make a tragic error. that our country and the free world are going to pay for dearly. Here's another poem I shared with my kids, who all too soon will need to venture out into this Trump-tainted world:  
Great Fate, pray Thee: 
 We wish to see 
 The WIND, and be 
The RAIN, and know 
  That poem reflects my prayer that through EDUCATION, Detroit's children may come to SEE the UNSEEN, and come to RAIN their attained knowledge and grace upon the entire planet, and come to KNOW the as-yet UNKNOWN--,thus empowering them to lead our battered and beleaguered old world into a far better, kinder, and more lovingly enlightened place.  
   Hear activist educator and former world-ranked sprinter John Telford Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. and Mondays at 6:30 p.m. on WCHB AM1340. The call-in number is (313) 837-1340. Get his books at The Source Booksellers on Cass Avenue, at Barnes & Noble stores, or on amazon.com (Type in Dr. John Telford). His website is www.AlifeontheRUN.com. Email him at DrJohnTelfordEdD@aol.com or call (313) 460-8272 to advertise on his show or appear on it. His programs are often videotaped for streaming on DetroitIPtelevision (DETipTV.com). and on his Facebook page.