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Hair Talk with JoJo
The Hair Care Expert
Q. JoJo I love that Rosemary scalp spray. I have a weave, and I sprayed my scalp. You’re right! It stopped my itchy scalp right away. My question is, can I use it daily?
A. Glad you like that Rosemary spray. Not only does it stop the itch, but it promotes hair growth too. I wouldn’t advise you to use it every day, because I don’t want your scalp to stay wet. Use it when you need it. That’s usually every 2-3 days, and then just a mist should be enough. Influence also has a Rosemary oil that can be applied once a week. It works in conjunction with the scalp spray. After 8-10 weeks, it’s time to take that style down and shampoo and condition your hair. Stop by Terry’s Place and get the maintenance products you need for your hair care.
Q. JoJo, I’m a wig wearer and I want to know the main difference between synthetic and human hair wigs. I know synthetic don’t last as long, but how often should you have to buy a new one?
A. The wig industry has changed a lot over the years. My mother, Ms. Terry has been selling wigs since 1971. In those days, any heat would ruin a synthetic wig. Back then, all synthetic wigs had to be set on rollers and allowed to dry. Whereas, human hair wigs could be curled with curling irons and even tinted different colors if desired. Now, most newer synthetic wigs can be curled or flat ironed as long as the heat is under 400 degrees. Today, prolonged body heat from hot flashes and/or cooking in them can damage them. Synthetic wigs can’t be tinted or colored. Human hair wigs can last longer, and feel more natural. Synthetic wigs are available in more colors and styles and cost less, so you can have more options and change your looks more often. With proper care and avoiding extreme heat, synthetic wigs can last 4-6 months. I’d suggest you should replace them or add to your collection bi-monthly. There’s nothing like a fresh new girlfriend. But if you have a favorite girlfriend at home, bring it to Terry’s Place and we can clean and restyle it.
Q. JoJo, my hair is a mess and I can’t be fooling with it during the summer. The natural styles don’t work for me. What would you suggest?
A. Well my sister, you know I sell wigs, and they’re designing them with lighter, thinner caps that keep the head cooler. I suggest you braid you hair underneath and apply Influence Rosemary Mint oil to the scalp, before you put your girlfriend on. That will cool the scalp. Getting your hair shampooed and conditioned once every two weeks will keep it in good health and growing.
  Remember, when your hair is on your mind, drop JoJo a line. Terry’s Place is the largest black-owned wig salon in Detroit. We want to take your look to the next level. When you look good, we look good. Visit Terry’s Place online at or on Facebook. Email or stop by Terry’s Place at 19139 Livernois Ave., Detroit, Mich. 48221. We’re open six days a week. Please call (313)863-4014.

Windy City named most 
welcoming of whiskers
PRNewswire/ -- Beards abound mile after magnificent mile in Chicago, which is why the city is a perennial player in the annual 'Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities in America' research study from men's grooming leader Wahl. In fact, the city's rabid sports fans - and teams - are known for their facial hair prowess. This distinction, combined with Mitchell Trubisky's quarterback beard pact last season, helped launch the city into the No.1 spot on this year's rugged roster.
  "General beard buzz on social media dictates the results of our annual study — now in its sixth year; however, with facial hair so rooted in sports, it's no surprise chatter about the Bears influenced the results this year," Steven Yde, division vice president for Wahl said. 
  2019 Top 20 Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities:
1. Chicago (up 1 spot)
2. Atlanta (up 1 spot)
3. San Francisco (up 2 spots)
4. Los Angeles (up 3 spots)
5. Seattle (up 1 spot)
6. Portland, Ore. (up 3 spots)
7. Austin, Texas (up 1 spot)
8. New York (up 4 spots)
9. San Diego (up 5 spots)
10. Philadelphia (down 9 spots)
11. Houston (up 4 spots)
12. Raleigh, N.C (NEW to Top 20)
13. Columbus, Ohio (NEW to Top 20)
14. Milwaukee (NEW to Top 20)
15. Omaha, Nebr. (NEW to Top 20)
16. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (up 3 spots)
17. Grand Rapids, Mich. (NEW to Top 
18. Winter Haven, Fla. (NEW to Top 
19. Naples, Fla. (NEW to Top 20)
20. Orlando, Fla. (same)
  Chicago's climb up the facial hair food chain is well earned; especially since it narrowly missed the top honor last year — coming in at No. 2 after Philadelphia. One reason for the city's jump could be attributed to the success of the Chicago Bears last season. With one of the biggest fan bases around, the wave of whiskered sentiment on social media was inevitable when Trubisky proved he can beard with the best of them. Like many other Bears brethren before him, Trubisky's facial hair was with him when he helped the team clinch the NFC North title for the first time in nearly a decade.
  "Last season was my first time having a beard; it started out as a pact among the quarterbacks and coaches," said Trubisky. "I had faith we would make it to the playoffs, so I started my playoff beard a little early — and it paid off. While some guys grow beards to intimidate, for me it was about exuding confidence."
  According to research, Trubisky's approach stands up. In 2014 Wahl partnered with STATS, the world's leading sports analytics company. They analyzed fantasy football data to prove that pro football players with facial hair performed better than their clean-shaven counterparts. In fact, 86 percent of scruffy signal callers averaged at least 20 fantasy points per game compared to only 56 percent of clean-shaven quarterbacks. Facial hair also impacted quarterbacks' ability to avoid the rush and gain yards on the ground. Among the top 10 rushing quarterbacks, seven rocked healthy stubble.
  Chicago marked the kick-off of Wahl's annual mobile grooming tour, which includes taking a 30-foot mobile barbershop on the road to visit the 10 Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities in America. At each tour stop, Wahl's team of master barbers give guys free facial hair trims for a good cause. For every trim, Wahl donates $1 to ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer, the leading national nonprofit with the mission to end prostate cancer.
  While on the road, Wahl will select one guy from each tour stop location and one guy from online entries as finalists in the Wahl Man of the Year contest. These lucky few will be crowned champion of their city and then compete in a facial hair face-off for the Wahl Man of the Year title.
  The 10 finalists will each win $500 and a commemorative Wahl 100th Anniversary Box containing a limited-edition trimmer and grooming products. Online voting will help determine who wins the Grand Prize, which includes the title of Wahl Man of the Year and $1,500. The contest runs from June 8, 2019 – Oct. 18, 2019.
  For more information about Wahl's Facial Hair Friendly Cities Tour, or Wahl Man of the Year Contest, visit