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Hair Talk with JoJo
The Hair Care Expert
Q. JoJo I’m going to get braids in about a month. Should I get a protein treatment before I get them, after or both?
A. I’d suggest a good protein treatment, before the braids to strengthen the hair. Go to a professional to get your protein treatment. Misusing protein can harden and break your hair. I broke my first head of hair, because of not understanding how to balance the protein conditioners.
Q. JoJo I read your article about the rosemary scalp spray that stops itching scalp by a company called Influence. I want to try it, but I can’t find it at any of the beauty supply stores I went to. Do you sell it or should I order it?
A. Influence is a professional product line, made for and distributed to licensed cosmetologists in beauty salons. If your scalp is itching under your wig or in your braids or inside your weave, spray Rosemary stimulating scalp spray and stop beating yourself upside the head. It works. This product line is sold only in beauty salons. Stylists are the distributors, and yes we sell the whole Influence product line at Terry’s Place.
Q. JoJo I haven’t had a relaxer in over 4 years, and my hair has grown a lot. Sometimes I wear natural styles, and sometimes I wear a press and curl. I’ve noticed that I get these little knots on the ends of my hair. I was told it’s because I don’t sleep in a cap. Should I sleep in a silk cap? What can I do about these knots without cutting my hair off?
A. Sleeping in a silk cap is not a bad idea. As a matter of fact, they have a variety of sleep caps available and do a nice job protecting the hair and preserving the hairstyle. As for the knots on the ends of your hair, if you don’t want to cut them, the right conditioner combinations can do miracles. Dudley’s cream protein can help. Influence Rosemary conditioner, or Design Essential Honey Almond are also good. Your professional stylist should know how to use the products and suggest which ones would be best for you, when you have to do home maintenance. And, yes we sell all these products at Terry’s Place.  
  Remember, when your hair is on your mind, drop JoJo a line. Terry’s Place is the largest black-owned wig salon in Detroit. We want to take your look to the next level. When you look good, we look good. Visit Terry’s Place online at or on Facebook. Email or stop by Terry’s Place at 19139 Livernois Ave., Detroit, Mich. 48221. We’re open six days a week. Please call (313)863-4014.

Keep your skin moisturized 
in the summer
PRNewswire/ -- Moisturizing your skin during the hot summer months is a must.
     There are many tips to keep your skin fresh and healthy during the summer. The No. 1 priority is to hydrate – drink a lot of water and eat water-rich foods.
     "The summer months can be a challenge for skincare," said Dr. Michel Bohbot, CEO of Laboratoire Synbionyme, which makes probiotic skincare products. "During the hot and humid summer days, your sweat combines with excess oil, dirt, and bacteria. This can clog your skin's pores."
     Dr. Bohbot recommends that everyone apply enough sunscreen to cover exposed areas. 
     "If you use a small amount, you decrease the protection for your skin," he said. "Also, renew the application frequently after an activity or when you sweat.
  "Even better, limit your exposure to the sun as much as possible even when you are fully protected," he added.
     A pioneer in the probiotic skincare industry, Dr. Bohbot and Laboratoire Synbionyme have developed probiotic skincare products that are now available in the United States on
     The five skincare products that will be available through each serve a specific purpose:
• Universal Serum provides exceptional invigorating moisturizing care, regardless of age, skin type, or problem.
• 24-Hour Moisturizing Cream helps prevent dry skin and protects it from pollution.
• Radiance Moisturizing Gel-Cream targets mixed and oily skins and shields them from contaminants.
• Progena Lift Cream is an anti-aging product with a comprehensive formula that targets fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, and dullness.
• Enzymatic Clarifying Lotion is a gentle exfoliant that helps rid the skin of everything that dulls the complexion.
     "The summer months offer new challenges because of the sun and humidity," Dr. Bohbot said. "The sweat, dirt, ultraviolet rays will clog your skin's pores. That is why it is essential to maintain your skincare routine. Exfoliate. Use a moisturizer. Remove your make-up every night.
  "If you take care of your skin now, you will be happier years from now. We want you to have beautiful and healthy skin," Dr. Bohbot said. "That is why we developed Synbionyme's prebiotic and probiotic skincare products."
     For more information about Synbionyme's products, visit or go to