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In Dependence
By Evelyn M. Bingham
                                                   When you hear the word independent, 
                                            what thoughts come to mind? Do you 
                                            consider yourself an independent person?  
                                                  A dictionary definition of Dependence, 
                                           is as follows — The condition or fact of 
                                           being dependent, a being contingent upon 
                                           or influenced, controlled, or determined by 
                                           something else, a reliance( on another) for 
                                           support or aid, subordination,-- reliance,
                                               Independence, is defined as the state or 
                                           quality of being independent; freedom from the control, influence, or determination of another or others or an income sufficient for a livelihood: a person 
who is independent in thinking, action etc., relying on one’s own abilities, judgment etc., self confident, self reliant.
  In comparing the two, it appears to me that the vast majority of us in the popularity, are a combination of both dependent and independent. It brought to mind, my observance of our one year old great granddaughter, who has been extremely observant of her surroundings and of people, very recently began walking . As she gingerly stepped around our backyard looking and observing and touching grass, plants etc., she was showing her newfound confidence in herself and her self reliance. She was looking around seriously at her surroundings, as if having studied and planned for this day of independent exploration for quite some time, without falling down !
  I believe, we all exhibit these mutual traits of independence and dependence. Life is a balance, whereby we learn how to navigate the waters we are wading or swimming through at the time.  
  We learn through living, the truth is, no man is an island unto himself, for it takes the love and cooperation of interested others to assist each of us to our best and most complete selves! We can also look at it as meaning each person has the inner dependence, within themselves, and their
ability or lack of will thereof, to cultivate a positive mindset to be a self starter and an aggressive and positive self motivator. It is imperative that we teach our children to think and to reason from their beginning!
  Fortunately for us all, there is but ONE man, I am aware of, who thinks He is the best, smartest, and richest, and, He did it on his own! Only time, and Karma, will tell!  

Religion Defined
By Evangelist Barbara Colbert
​                                                       Someone asked the question, “Why does it 
                                              seem that the church today is not taken as 
                                              seriously as it used to be?” Someone else said, 
                                              “Maybe it’s “organized religion” that’s made the 
                                              church too binding, too ritualistic, and unexciting.”                                                I say on the contrary to become 
                                              too compromising, too permissive, and too 
                                              undefined, birthing a myriad of doctrines, and 
                                              people endlessly seeking to redefine religion to 
                                              what they want it to be, ignoring what the Lord has 
                                              already set in place since the beginning of 
                                                    The plight of the church today is it’s failure to 
                                              effectively challenge the increasing deprivation of 
                                              the mind and soul of mankind. While many stray to believe in various man-made doctrines, living for oneself, and finding one’s purpose in oneself, notice the operative word is “one”. To seek within oneself, and with just the right formula, one will find inner peace, sanctity, and can even will into existence, personal prosperity. Yet, one only has to examine history, or even the turbulent state of the world today to see that it is evident, there is no peace that can be found within oneself. Isolating oneself from all other humanity, anesthetizing oneself with potions and other mind-altering drugs, or entrenching oneself in some form of self-induced transcendental meditation or mental telepathy, none of these things have brought the human soul everlasting peace, or a surety of life eternal. There’s truth to a song written years ago that said, “One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever know . . .”
     Also, it is true that the church today is not taken seriously because religion, organized or otherwise, has run many away, and while people have run or turned their backs on the church, the church itself has not dealt seriously with the reasons why. Knowing that we live in a world that zealously promotes self-gratification, and while this is prevalent today more than ever, it is not a new dilemma. Man, from the Garden of Eden, sought his own way, violating the laws of the Creator and ultimately the creation. Still, the church has not responded well, and as the world has gone, so has, in many ways, the church. While the “I, I, I” syndrome prevails and permeates society, it has not only trickled into the church, the church has yielded and submitted to it, mimicking the world, and sleeping with the enemy. End result; disgruntled potential Believers; a plethora of man made religions and cults rooted in ungodly doctrines; confusion; mayhem; damnation.
      Redemption starts in the heart and soul of the lost man. If one comes to Christ only to discover He’s too binding, too restrictive, he’ll soon be lost again. If one comes to Christ only to find He’s too permissive, too compromising, he’ll soon be lost again. Again, notice the operative word, “one”. This is the only time “one” is essential. It is the individual man that comes to Christ alone, broken and ready for whatever the Lord can give. This is what is sadly and often missing in the church today and the world today - the knowledge and understanding that “religion” is the result of something far greater - and that is Salvation. If one truly knows the meaning of salvation, if one truly recognizes the state of brokenness he was once in - but for God, then one will take the church “seriously” and “organized religion” will actually be religion that has “organized”. Putting into place, man’s heart to God’s will. Everything decent and in order and to the glory of God.