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Face to face, heart to heart
By Evelyn M. Bingham
     In this hectic, ever moving society we all live in, it has been made increasingly more difficult to have a personal interchange with our loved ones, as well as our friends and peers.
   Most people make well intentioned resolutions of improvement for the New Year.
   Usually though, the intentions and their intensity disappears before too long. We say we’re going to eat healthier and better, going to get our increasing bathroom scale numbers to back down, going to be more moderate in our spending and wiser in our saving, going to take some time for self development and spiritual growth etc., etc., etc,.
     In this day of technological everything, we too often lose track of a simpler, more sane time in our past, when people actually talked to one another. People to people contact was extremely important to us, and was all we knew, at the time, and oh, how we long for the integrity and personal, human touch of a bygone time.
     In this era of tweeting, twittering, texting, e-mailing, face book, u-tube and others, the need, desire or the knowledge of communicating one to another in a totally personal way is being lost with each passing year. Most of our young people are devoid of face to face language skills, and written communication is akin to a foreign language. Their thumb skills are more developed than their tongue skills. We have allowed them to become less and less proficient in verbal communication, and as a result they have developed an abbreviated shorthand or private code of their own, all designed to keep us, the mature, in the dark. I’m sure we as parents and grandparents hope their thumbs don’t fall off in the process of this high tech secrecy.
     Babies, well under the age of two years are being taught to read and recognize words, making the parents extremely proud. I wonder if they are truly trying to advance the child for its future development, or does it give them bragging rights for having the smartest child in their social circle. How many of these over zealous parents continue working with their child as they advance in their growth process. Do they seek to continue encouraging the child in the verbal and written communication skills of our English language, or do they succumb to the easy way of parenting, by allowing too much or the wrong television viewing, too many arcade and computer games, too early and improper usage of cell phones. Neglect in the supervision of any of these areas by parents, are the foundations for why our youth and young adults have never learned to be comfortable in engaging in conversation, one on one. We must begin having actual verbal dialogue, with each other in our families, whereby each person is listened to and encouraged to express themselves. This is long overdue in our families; however, it’s not too late! In order for people to speak to one another, they must first feel validated, and secure enough to know that their voice or opinion is as important and as respected as any one else’s.
  When was the last time you received a visit from a loved one, or friend or neighbor---not because they needed something you had, or needed to borrow, but just to say hello, show concern or to be social.
  Have you, or do you regularly receive phone calls, receive letters or cards of thanks, get well, sympathy, thinking of you,, birthday, or holiday cards? I truly hope these valuable methods of showing love and concern for one another, never disappears. Let’s not allow procrastination, or the cost of a card or stamp to remove any more of our humanity! We can each help by not letting these social graces disappear from our own lives, and by teaching , encouraging and perpetuating their use among family and friends.
  Let each of us, as the New Year grinds into motion, try to resurrect or reactivate the vital practice of face to face and heart to heart interaction. These skills and actions, and the heart, with which we use them, are what separates us from the computers, robots and other mechanical machinery we are becoming so obsessed with! With a lessening of these less personal methods of communication, along with an increase of genuine love and concern for them, our children might even develop the patience and the skills needed to engage in a meaningful written or verbal interchange.
  Why don’t we each write, call or visit or meet at least one person this year, that would be an invaluable resolution to keep for the New Year. We will be a blessing to each other, and our planet will definitely be better for it!!

Magnificent Obsession
By Evangelist Barbara Colbert
     I have a magnificent obsession. Not with man, but with God. I am never surprised by what He can do, because He is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent; indisputably superior to all there is. As such, He warns us in Proverbs 24:7-9, that “Wisdom is too high for a fool . . .” God has made it clear that there is no power, nor knowledge on Earth, or even in the universe, that is tantamount to that of the Almighty. That the only thing we can know for absolute certainty, is that we really know nothing for absolute certainty. All of our times, as is all creation, are in His hands. So it is wise to understand that we are in fact, mere human beings, vulnerable to our own immortality, and if lacking the grace of God, then sadly restricted by our own finite carnal knowledge.
     Proverbs says that Wisdom is “too high” for a weak man, he knows it, and therefore he despairs to acquire it. He will not even pursue it, but will become content without it; that in reality, he really has not the capacity for it and therefore the advantages he has for getting it, are all in vain. We are told that Wisdom is no easy thing to get. That those who have ample intellect for it, if they be foolish, or if they be slothful and will not strive or endeavor; if they be playful and trifling, given to their pleasure; or viciously unkind, they are not likely to ever attain it; and for lack of it, they are unfit for most everything. Yet, they know in their hearts that they are foolish men, so they go about uninformed, ignorant and useless.      Miserably, they become perpetrators and a fraud. Such is the state of so many today. Thinking so much more of themselves than they really are. Not understanding, or even acknowledging, that God is the only Giver of all things of true essentialness. Anything we gain outside of Him, including knowledge, is temporal, and will fade with the numbering of our days.
     That is why I have a Magnificent Obsession. For I have come to learn that the only true wisdom is knowing that we are not wise in ourselves at all. It is only what we gain from walking, talking, and yielding to the Almighty, that we truly can become wise. Proverbs translates to say “let young men take pains to get wisdom.” In other words, the sooner the better.
     I, myself wasted many years young and foolish. But once I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ, true to His Word, He made this foolish mortal wise. And that is why I have a magnificent obsession - with God. In His infinite grace and mercy, He made a blind woman see, a lame woman walk, a dead woman live. So, who am I to speculate what my God can do? Contemplate, evaluate, or even entertain His awesome power far escapes my fragile mortal frame. So, who am I to theorize the glory of my God? Discuss, deduct, or hypothesize, His Majesty quite beguiles
     My earthly attained intelligence can only behold His splendor humbled by His gentle love, saved by grace, no more a sinner.
So who am I to fraternize with fears or doubts, or silly admonitions when all I know, yes truly know, is God is ever present; He’s wonderful, He’s powerful, He’s all I’ll ever need. And that’s who I am, one redeemed by the blood, He shed on Calvary.
  Blessings of salvation and wisdom to all who desire to walk in Magnificent Obsession with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Embracing the Goddess Within
By Aldonna Smith (aka Goddess Godis)
     How do we heal from the hurtful and painful things that we have experienced in our lives especially when the hurt, anger and pain is affecting our interactions and relationships with others, as well as our emotional and physical well being.
    We must remember that we are visitors here. We are in essence spirit beings having a human experience. We have come to this planet for our spirit to grow through our human experiences and to gain higher knowledge and wisdom that can only come though experiences. We are here to evolve as creation and as creators. Everything that has happened in our life has happened so that we could know what we have come here to know and be who we come here to be. We each have within us an inner guide and teacher called the Holy spirit, also known as the voice of wisdom or God within us. 
     It is that soft loving and nurturing voice within us that guides, protects and teaches us. Its job is to help us to see our experiences in a higher light. When we see things different, we become different. Whatever is causing you hurt and pain from the present or past ask God to let you see it with a spiritual eye. In doing that what you will began to discover within yourself is a new mind.
  GODIS is a Detroit spiritual artist, who is dedicated to using her gifts as a writer, garment designer, photographer and speaker to inspire women to embrace the Goddess within them. The goddess is a woman of great spiritual beauty and creative power. GODIS is the author of the Book of Wisdom of affirmations. To contact her E-mail goddessgodis@yahoo.com