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Why we are paying it forward?
By Evelyn M. Bingham
  The idea or concept of paying it forward, basically means, that when you are the recipient of a kind act from someone, you do not attempt to repay them, but instead you do something nice for someone else or Paying it Forward!
  Many times I have gone to my supermarket and have been donated a market basket, saving me the cost of a quarter. Each time I have had the quarter in hand but it was refused, telling me to also pay it forward. Many times I have done likewise.
  Each time you have donated clothing, household items, books or other items to families or individuals in need, you are paying it forward! When we make monetary donations to groups or organizations such as, Red Cross, St. Jude, Salvation Army, UNCF, ALS etc. we are paying it forward in the hope that the monetary gift will assist in being a blessing to someone’s recovery or gift of life.
  The idea came from a 2000 movie Pay It Forward, with Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt, which told how their son received a school assignment which required him to find some way to change the world. He developed the pay it forward concept, creating a chain reaction of good deeds. The most important or one of the most important things to remember about Paying It Forward, is that it should be done with a selfless spirit! That is, we should help a person without hoping for a repayment or good deeds in return. There are some organizations today, that allow people to pay it forward anonymously, donating money or performing good deeds without hoping for recognition. When the recipient asks about the donator, he or she is simply told to, just pay it forward! We should never feel that we must have a large sum of money to pay any kindness forward. You could do something as simple as smiling, speaking, holding the door for someone, or thanking the person who holds the door for you! It has amazed me the number to times I have witnessed other women not acknowledge this chivalrous kindness. It appears that chivalry is not dead and let us make sure that common courtesy and gratitude isn’t either!
  You might offer to help someone carry their packages, let someone who only has a few items go ahead of you in line. It could mean buying someone coffee, or if you have the money, perhaps helping someone who is short on money, pay their bill. I have senior relatives in Arizona, who called us last Monday, all excited, to say that after church, three couples of them( friends and relatives) went to dinner at Cracker Barrel\Restaurant. When it was time to leave, and they asked their waitress for their bill, they were told that a couple who had just left the restaurant had paid their entire bill, he stated that each person’s bill was no less than eleven or twelve dollars. They were all so amazed that someone would be so kind as to pay a dinner tab for six people at a full service restaurant. I assured them that the couple was probably paying their own kindnesses forward, especially since they did so anonymously, and to just be grateful for the blessing and to each, pay the gesture of kindness forward in appreciation! Pres. George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara Bush also advanced this belief as well as Princess Diana Spencer, who said, carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day, someone might do the same for you! Remember, it costs nothing to be kind, but the rewards can be everlasting!

My sister's untold testimony
By Evangelist Barbara Colbert
     My sister has a profound untold testimony. She is reluctant to share her struggles, and because she has struggled so long, she doesn’t really realize her accomplishments. Sometimes we can stay on the battlefield so long, we neglect to stop and look, and see just how much of the battle we have already won. 
     At 48 years of age, my sister had triumphed over a curse of alcohol addiction, child abuse and the old fashioned “black sheep” syndrome. How many nights I recall when were kids, the screaming and the fighting; my mother trying to handle her the only way you handled your kids in those days; a belt, a cord, a switch - unknowingly beating in the spirit of fear, anger, bitterness and strife. My oldest sister and I, cringed at the top of the stairs while they battled, giving Satan all the ammunition and all the power he desired. We would cry for her and as time grew on, we cried for them both. It was never a surprise the next morning, inevitably, she’d be gone, having run away in the night, into the darkness. She ran from pillar to post, alcohol to drugs, frantically searching for life while the devil ran interference with a deadly choke-hold, keeping her desperately struggling for air. She dwelt in darkness and the devil became her constant companion, making sure she never loosened from his grip. We ached for her and tried so much to love her, but the gap was too wide - the scars to deep. The adversary had succeeded in killing her spirit, stealing her joy and destroying her desire to live. His plan was death and destruction for my sister, and he implemented his will by relentlessly tormenting her for nearly 38 years of her life. 
     Yet, he had forgotten one thing: the power of God; the Creator who knows us all from the cradle to the grave. He who has a special love for the heavy-laden and downtrodden of life. The “black sheeps” who the world cast to sea only to be engulfed by the tidal waves of life. The Savior stands by to scoop them up and set them high, on solid rocks of Salvation. He is merciful and moved by those who suffer hardship and pain. In His eyes, the last shall be made first. The chief sinner shall become a chief saint. So the Father yielded to the cries of my sister. He counted her every teardrop and rescued her from her sea of sorrows, into His loving arms. My sister, tired of wandering, battle-weary, now ripe for salvation, surrendered the fight and gave her life to the Lord. He took over the battle and gave her the victory. The devil became powerless. God became powerful. 
  Now after 20 years of salvation and deliverance, my sister still battles from time-to-time, but she finds her strength and protection in the Lord. She finds her peace in the Lord. Her sanctuary is in the arms of Jesus. My sister has a testimony of victory over the enemy and deliverance from a life stolen at birth, to a life restored upon rebirth in the Lord Jesus Christ. God has kept His promise of new life to those who trust in Him. He made my sister a new creature in Christ, where she once was lost, she is now found. Where she was once last, she is now first. Congratulations and Praises to God for my sister, now counted as one of the saints that will someday come marching in! (Love you . . . girl!)


Embracing the Goddess Within

By Goddes Godis, AKA Adonnis
     Her name is Goddess Hetheru, which means the Goddess of Love, Dance and Sensuality.
     The first time I saw her dance, she was captivating and mesmerizing. She performed an African and an Afro Cuban dance. I could see that she has a deep love and passion for dance. 
  Her heart and soul is put into every performance. This year, she modeled in two fashion shows for me and represented GODIS Designs well. I loved the energy she brought to the stage. The audience loved her performance. 
    When she is on stage, she exemplifies her name by bringing to life a very spiritual and sensual part of herself. She will definitely awaken and bring to life the spirit of dance within you.
     I did a photo shoot and interview recently with her. In the Interview, she shared with me her mission to help women to love themselves and to truly know the power and gifts that God has given them. She talked about how important it is for women not to just give birth to children but to the many things that God has instilled within them. It could be a business, book, garment, song, or a dance. She said that we are full of ideas to give birth to. If we are not birthing and nurturing the things that God has given us, we start to act crazy. This is because we were created to constantly nurture and bring things to life.
     GODIS is a spiritual artist who uses her gifts as a spiritual photographer, garment designer, writer, speaker and author of the Book of Wisdom. A Goddess is a woman who knows she is a daughter of God. She is a woman of spiritual beauty in touch with her creative and spiritual gifts, choosing to be a light in the world.