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Senior Frustrations
By Evelyn M. Bingham
     Most of the daily frustrations and annoyances of the Senior community are too numerous to mention. Some, or many of them have been felt by this writer and spouse. I will list some of them below, in no particular order!
1 The outright impatience and indifference of other drivers, within the city. 
2 The discounting, dismissal, intolerance, ignorance and patronization of seniors. 
3 Small changes businesses could make to accommodate a seniors decrease in strength and reflexes.
4 Respect for seniors in all areas of business, calls, transactions, etc.
5 Common courtesy in addressing seniors, sans familiarity.
6 Failure of others or businesses, in honoring their word regarding things or services promised.
7 Lack of empathy/ sympathy for the constraints felt by seniors.
8 Needing help with small tasks around the house which to a senior, may be monumental, but are reluctant to ask for help due to a feeling of imposing.
9 Needing help with errands, transportation, and business or legal assistance.
10 Having someone available to be observant enough, to see when something needs to be done, without us having to ask!
11 Having someone available with the interest and patience to answer and help with cell phone or computer tech questions.
12 Daily frustrations of seeing cleaning or small repair jobs which are needed, but which we are unable to do anymore.
13 The impersonality of people in general today, most are too afraid to speak or greet you, or worse, never having been taught that they should!
14 Trying to adjust to the various physical and mental changes of aging, things which no one could have told us to expect.
15 No one, to verbally pass on all of the acquired knowledge and wisdom to,
everyone is so involved in their cell phone usage, they are too technically engaged to listen, or to participate in a conversation.
16 Finding very few young people who are interested in their genealogy or their cultural teachings.
17 Finding even fewer young people who are interested in maintaining or even creating new, family traditions such as celebrating various holidays together, reunions etc.
18 Lack of interest or apathy in involvement in politics, local, state, national or in voting.
19 The seeming intolerance or lack of interest in starting, maintaining, or creating a religious base.
20 Lack of interest, in general of creating or maintaining a solid family base or structure for the rearing and training of our children.
21 Being unfairly charged for goods and services out of disrespect, prejudice or by thinking we’re too old, too stupid or have lost our ability to count!
22 We must intelligently complain, when mistreated, for we still remember how to write, call, boycott, petition, e-mail, or whatever we need to do to rectify our situation!
23 One of our greatest frustrations, is having more mental energy than the physical energy to bring ideas or projects to fruition.
24 Too many seniors lack the knowledge of how to take care of personal affairs (financial, insurance, health care, wills, funeral planning etc., info powers of attorney).
25 Many seniors need help on senior housing, legal issues, and a myriad of other issues related to aging.
  I hope we don’t sound too pessimistic, quite the contrary, for we see examples of great hope and intelligence in most of our young people, many of whom are purpose driven and dedicated, and we realize that it only appears that the ones who seem disengaged are actually in the majority.
  The above stated issues are ones which continue to cause stress and plague our thoughts daily, perhaps due to the fact that we can do very little to solve them. As you look at these, there may be some which you, or a senior family member may be experiencing. Thanks, for listening to us vent!! See you all later, as all of us continues being someone’s soft place to land. May we all, keep on keeping on!!  

On one accord with the Lord
By Evangelist Barbara Colbert
     Wess Morgan sings a song that says, for so long he was silent, he did not have a song of praise, depression filled his days and clouds blocked his ways. But there was a voice speaking to him, awaking the passion so, he chooses to worship... he’s made up his mind. He chooses to worship.
     The prophet Habakkuk proclaimed that “though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls . . .” he will yet rejoice in the LORD, he will be joyful in God his Savior.
  The Apostle Paul wrote that he has “learned to be content” in whatever state he’s in and God’s grace is sufficient for him.
    The prophet Nehemiah declared, “The joy of the Lord” is his strength. 
  The Lord Jesus said, “With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
    I say, I agree.
    The Lord, in and through His Holy Spirit, He has made His ways known to me and His Word alive in my life. Another songwriter said, “I’ve had my good days, I’ve had some hills to climb. I’ve had some weary days . . . and some sleepless nights. But when I look around and think things over, all of my good days, outweigh my bad days, I won’t complain.” When I look around, God is always there. He has never left me. He has always been there to pick me up and carry me through. He has led me on a plain path of true righteousness and made my crooked roads straight. He has shown me over and over, that as I walk through any valleys with a shadow of death, I need not fear evil, for He is with me every step of the way.  
     I understand how one can choose to worship. I understand how one can say, no matter what life brings about, he will rejoice in the Lord, always. I know that God’s grace is sufficient for me; for He has given me all that I need to prevail over the wiles of the enemy. Yes, the joy I experience in knowing Him for myself, gives me the strength that I need to denounce the adversary and all his fiery darts, and keep on pressing for my crown of glory. I know without a doubt that with me, myself, my own mortal energies, victory would never be mine; but with the power of God exalted in my life, He has made all things possible.  
     You see beloved, God said in Psalms 37:4-5, says, “Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of thine heart.” And with that, we have unlimited marvelous working power in our lives through Christ Jesus. For when we delight ourselves in Him, He becomes embedded in our hearts, a part of our very being. We love, cherish and submit unto all His ways. We then in turn, are made ready to choose to worship Him. To remain with Him come what may. To know His grace is sufficient for us to endure all things, resulting in His joy as our strength! 

Embracing the Goddess Within

By Goddes Godis, AKA Adonnis
   The following is a conversation that I had with the Goddess Jacqueline. Before her photo shoot, I asked her what was going on with her spiritually.  
    She said, “I feel different as a matter as a matter of fact I know that I am different. What I realize is I am now living in a higher state of goddess consciousness.”  
    “Sometimes change can be so subtle that you may not even notice it right away. Some of the things I am noticing within myself is that I no longer procrastinate for fear that whatever I am doing will not be perfect. I am standing more in my truth. I worry less about what others think or say about me. I have learned how to let go of negativity more quickly so it does not hinder the flow of positive energy. I no longer feel that I have to change who I am to gain the acceptance of others. I am no longer operating in a state resistance. I am now allowing the spirit of God that dwells within to direct my path. Who I am emerging into was already predestine. What I am learning to do is to trust the process.”
     GODIS is a spiritual artist who uses her gifts as a spiritual photographer, garment designer, writer, speaker and author of the Book of Wisdom. A Goddess is a woman who knows she is a daughter of God. She is a woman of spiritual beauty in touch with her creative and spiritual gifts, choosing to be a light in the world.