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Passing through
By Evelyn M. Bingham
    Passing through, by definition means (1) going by, beyond, past, over or through (2) lasting only a short time, short lived, fleeting, momentary. Passing through, whatever the circumstance or reference, signifies a short trip out of necessity which cannot be avoided, with better results on the other side, hopefully!
     Have you ever had to pass through something that you were afraid or unsure of? I have, and I am sure everyone has or will encounter along your life’s journey, situations which challenged your resolve, and forced you to step away from the familiar and the comfortable and out of the box. This brave move allows one, to pass through the mundane, and into the miraculous possibilities of courageous actions.
     Passing through brings to mind the passing through of an old covered bridge or through a long scary tunnel during one of your travels, or some equally unsettling event, all due to fear of the unknown and what would or might await you there. There will be many instances and occurrences which will beckon you to move forward, to progress and to not become stagnant or stationary due to your fear.
     Think about the many things you have or will pass through, ----- without kindergarten, there would not have been a grade school, or middle school, no high school no college matriculation etc. Had we not had tests, exams, initiations, attunements ant other rights of passage, we would not have experienced what our hard work and personal self determination could create or attain.
     We could also equate passing through, to our own growth and maturation from one stage to another, and from infancy through old age and beyond. Passing through life, training for any sports, attaining an education or other accomplishment or occupation, finding a life mate, military or public service etc., each of these are daunting at first until they are tackled with a ferocity which says that I will win, I will accomplish, and I will achieve! I suppose that the old saying, no guts, no glory, definitely applies here!
     Passing through, means that you have bravely faced whatever obstacles which were placed in your way, faced the fear which kept you from trying, and with perseverance, determination, clarification of thought and direction, have forged ahead to cross the goal line! Passing through the I can’t to the I can and finally, to the I did!
     So, if we really think about it, we as a people are designed for movement, to constantly be moving forward and passing through one situation or experience after another, for we are programmed for curiosity, for learning and seeking.
  Later in life we realize the obstacles in life we were most afraid of, were conjured up in our mind and were never as gigantic as we imagined them to be. 

Keeping your spiritual tank on full
By Evangelist Barbara Colbert
  Worry and fear are standard weapons of Satan to keep mankind in a state of stress, frenzy, and spiritual bondage, which will only lead to discouragement and despair. Be it relationship, health, or financial woes, discouragement and despair will then lead to hopelessness and depression. The Lord Jesus Christ wants us to know that there is yet Hope, and that when you look beyond your circumstances and upon Him, you will discover the peace, deliverance and promised future that only true faith can provide.
     If you truly desire to be overcomers of fear and discouragement thru your faith in Christ, here are some daily practices you can apply to your life, guaranteed to provoke greater faith and help you keep your spiritual tanks on full.
     Embrace prayer. God already knows your discouragement, but He wants you to seek Him, open your heart to Him, and then listen for the guidance of His Holy Spirit. Always remember that God cares about you and all that you go through. Ask God to speak to your heart and help you to understand your circumstances, and how you can not only faithfully endure the situation, but spiritually grow in the process. God promises that if you resist the devil, he will flee from you. Every day, pray for the spiritual strength you need to fight the evil attacks that you'll encounter in your day-to-day life and never forget that there is Power in the Name of Jesus and that same power is working in you! Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world!
     Keep your spiritual energy, energized. Identify what's depleting your spiritual energy. Establish a prayer partnership with one or more steadfast Believers who you can trust to not only faithfully pray with you, but also keep your confidence. Daily prayer, reading, meditating and embracing the scriptures (applying them to your circumstances), will keep you spiritually strengthened. Also, maintaining a positive mental, emotional and physical state, (thinking on good things that God has done, eating healthy, getting plenty of rest, and steering away from confusion and disruptive people that will try to draw you into their own mayhem), will enhance your overall physical condition.  
  Help others even in your own time of need. Give to those in need and share your faith with others. Reaching out to help others will prove encouraging for you. It helps take your mind off your own troubles and will give you the joy of knowing that God has used you in a significant way and will remind yourself of how God has divinely worked in your life.
     Choose faith, rebuke fear and never give up! God is always with you no matter where you go or what you go through. He is even in the middle of the most discouraging circumstances. He has promised never to leave you or forsake you. Keep holding on to God’s promises and know that God may not change your circumstances when you'd like Him to, but He will always give you the strength and encouragement you need to deal with them, as long as necessary. Always remember, the race is won by the one who perseveres with patience, wisdom and focus on the divine deliverer.
     Know God in all His power and glory. Shift your focus from your discouraging circumstances, to God Himself. Remember that He is love and that He is all-powerful. Trust that God will help you. Why? Because He is able. Simple as that. There is nothing too hard for God!

Embracing the Goddess Within

By Goddes Godis, AKA Adonnis
     From the age of seven until the age of 36, I had this annoying and irritating feeling in my stomach that felt like butterflies moving around. I went to many different doctors over the years, had x-rays done and they all said the same thing, “You have a nervous stomach.” They gave me a prescription for nerve pills. 
     One day I met the Goddess Khephera Jesal, who is a Colon Therapist that performs inner baptisms. The name Khephera means regeneration, transformer, re-birth. Just like her name, that is what happened to me when I laid on her table. I was forever changed.  
     After she prayed, she released water into my colon. I began to cry. Every cell in my body was screaming, “Thank you,” as parasites were leaving my body.  
  Parasites can come from infected animals, under-cooked meat that you have eaten over the years and even contaminated water. The colon (large intestines) look just like the brain, except it is much bigger in size. The colon is actually your first mind that stores and processes information and emotions. It is your connection to infinite knowledge and wisdom. It is your intuition.  
     You hear very successful business people say, “I always follow my gut feeling.” It allows you to know things without reason. Many people fast and pray, because they know that when the colon is clean they feel much healthier and have a much clearer channel to God. 
     To contact Goddess Khephera Jesal for speaking engagements or services call (248) 690-6676, E-mail DrKhephera@live.com and visit www.TheNaturalHealingInstitute.com.  
     GODIS is a spiritual artist who uses her gifts as a spiritual photographer, garment designer, writer, speaker and author of the Book of Wisdom. 
A Goddess is a woman who knows she is a daughter of God. She is a woman of spiritual beauty in touch with her creative and spiritual gifts, choosing to be a light in the world.