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The Power of Four Letter Words
By Evelyn M. Bingham
                                        During these times of political turmoil within our 
                                     country and around the world, we, the people, are 
                                     becoming more emotionally uncertain, of our future. We 
                                     worry how we will survive economically, socially, 
                                     personally and globally, in such a negatively charged 
                                     society as we are experiencing today. We know, that 
                                     God is whispering to us in many ways, saying, TRUST 
                                      ME, I GOT THIS! However, being the humans that we 
                                     are, and listening to the dog whistling, and mean hate 
                                     speech being fed to us daily, we tend to forget, who 
                                     ultimately, is in charge!
                                         To keep ourselves in a sane and balanced state, we must realize and seek to correct the negative, suspicious, subtle and hateful programming we are being inundated with daily. For many reasons, too many of our citizens lack the mental or emotional health or clarity to separate the truth from fictitious lies, which has caused so many of the angry, confused, hate filled killings and interactions within our society.
  To be aware of our feelings and emotions daily, we need to give serious thought to their origins. Consider these following four letter words as words we routinely hear or use each day, we rarely give them a second thought, however; if we consider them as sample words, what do they mean? To you? What memories come to mind? I decided to experiment with myself as a game or an exercise. I began by just thinking of four letter words, care to join me? Feel free to add four letter words of your own. My challenge began when the word hate, was used as part of a news report. You don’t often realize what an affect/effect, certain words have on us and our psyche, it is even worse when we are inundated with subliminally , subconscious wordage or messaging.
  Which of these four letter words have meaning or power over you, or evokes a particular feeling, does it create a feeling of love, hope, anxiety, uneasiness, joy, despair, fear, or does it, or they promote hopefulness, positivity, and thoughts of creativity, representation, activism, concern, 
progress etc. In surveying the four letter words that I came up with, I realized that 16 of them were negative in connotation: hype, wall, fake, hate, news, dumb, fear, kill, race, hurt, wary, Klan, rude, rash, ugly, flee. There were 18 four letter words of a positive nature: love, talk, hear, pray, walk, heal, live, know, true, nice, good, soul, have, hope, holy, home, care, and help. The few which could be neutral were: word, slow, fast, sold, and soil. 
  We must be mindful, that as words pass through our ears and penetrate or permeate our mind, they each carry an energy and a vibration, which is saved in our mental computer and stored in our cloud , as are visual sights. How will we use the four letter words we have seen here today, or others which you, may have created, to positively affect and impact our lives and especially
those of our children, who do not have the present ability to discern words and their impact upon us. Those of you with an especially creative mind, might like to create a short story with the longest word being one of your four letter words, sounds like a mind challenger to me! Let us pay attention to the words we listen to, say, and believe each day, being ever mindful that it is usually a word, which has created an action or a reaction!! WORDS MATTER!!

When God buries the dead
By Evangelist Barbara Colbert
    “Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” - 2 Corinthians 5:17 
     As every new year approaches, we habitually bid all we meet a heartfelt “Happy New Year!” Yet this year,
      Even post-salvation, I still owned a particularly sensuous and suggestive dress that had been in my wardrobe for many years; a remnant of yesteryear and my life when I was lost in the things of the world. Every year or so, when going through my closet, I’d stumble across “the dress.” I’d pull it out, study it briefly and the memories would come flooding back. I’d quickly stash the garment back in the deepest corner of my closet, and then slam, lock and deadbolt the door to past memories, all the while silently reprimanding myself for once again resurrecting that which was dead. Sadly though, this ritual never ended without instant revival of the sin that consumed my life before I was snatched from the jaws of death, and in my repentance, I’d curse the stronghold this one idol still had in my life. 
     So many of us harbor and still embrace deadly, provocative memories of the days of our lives, pre-salvation. Although we have been saved and delivered by God and He has severed from our lives all that was poisonous to us, why do we still hold on to ?some? things? A letter, a piece of jewelry, a photograph, or even a dress – still clinging to that which God has cut off and out, idols of self-destruction from which he so lovingly rescued our drowning souls. For whatever reasons we hold on, none can be justifiable before the Lord, for He has ordered that there shall be no other gods before Him. 
     God’s Holy Spirit spoke words of convicting wisdom into my heart. “The dress” was a vehicle that I used to revisit those other gods who once controlled my life. Just the momentary gazing upon it provoked memories of days gone by, days that had ruthlessly propelled me tattered and torn, into the arms of the waiting Savior. Now, as those days had been put to death, and all its familiar spirits cast out, so must be the fate of “the dress.” 
     Holding on to any idol aiming to resurrect that which has been put to death, was a threat to my salvation, a stumbling block, a stronghold, a pitfall waiting to engulf my soul. Or had I forgotten the craftiness of the adversary, who will use any person, place or thing we provide, to draw us back into his deadly clutches? 
  The last time I searched my wardrobe, the dress had not been returned to its place in the shadowy depths of my closet. Instead, I’d cast it and all its dead spirits into the sea of forgetfulness, giving it the long overdue and permanent burial it so much deserved. So let us all sincerely pledge, out with the old and in with the new!  
     From my heart to yours, Happy New Year - Happy New Life! 

Embracing the Goddess Within:
What is Time

By Goddes Godis, AKA Adonna
    Time is a construct - a mathematical equation. It’s a measure and movement of space and distance within our physical reality.
    We are a part of time’s mathematical equation. We each hold a number, a vibration, and a decimal point within that equation. We have been given through time the space to plan, document and create history. Our days are numbered, and we are sufficient in numbers expanding through time and evolving humanity.
  We each are a part of God’s army. We must play our part. We must accept and express our divinity, so that we can complete our journey, rewrite our story and fulfill our destiny. Time is our friend. We must become its gift and not its enemy. Rise Goddess rise.
    GODIS is a spiritual artist who uses her gifts as a spiritual photographer, garment designer, writer, speaker and author of the Book of Wisdom. 
A Goddess is a woman who knows she is a daughter of God. She is a woman of spiritual beauty in touch with her creative and spiritual gifts, choosing to be a light in the world.