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Mathematics Bee Winners
     The 5th Annual Detroit Public Schools Community District’s Mathematics Bee was held at Detroit School of Arts last month. It was organized to instill and encourage a love for mathematics in aspiring young scholars. This event was comprised of three divisions: first and second graders, third-fifth graders and for the first time sixth-eighth graders from across the district.
    The Mathematics Bee was sponsored by the Office of Mathematics Education under the leadership of Irene Nordé, Ph.D., Deputy Executive Director. During her greetings to the participants Dr. Nordé said, “You are already winners!” Proud parents responded with applause and gave a huge shout-out to their children at the start of the competition. Interim Superintendent Alycia Meriweather also gave greetings and remarks preceding the third-fifth grade competition.
    The winners were:
Grades 1-2
First Place – Jaiden Davis, second grade, Nichols Elementary-Middle School
Second Place – Taryn Edwards, second grade, Pasteur Elementary School
Third Place – Juan Bermejo-Flores, second grade, Harms Elementary School
Grades 3-5
First Place – Virginia Travis, fourth grade, Nichols Elementary-Middle School
Second Place – Alexis Givens, fifth grade, Ronald Brown Academy
Third Place – Mustafa Al-Ammoury, third grade, Gardner Elementary
Grades 6-8
First Place – Yasin Ahmed, eighth grade, Burton International
Second Place – Jacob Ankton, seventh grade, FLICS
Third Place – Timari Claybourne, eighth grade, Bates Academy
  The first place winner from each competition received an individual trophy and a $25 gift card, as well as a trophy for their school to remain on display. Second and third place winners received individual trophies and $10 gift cards.
  Parents, students, educators and other staff thoroughly enjoyed the event. Every participant walked away with a Certificate of Participation and a gift bag filled with treats, but the most important benefit was the exposure. All students received a heightened level of confidence and a challenge to boost their mathematical skills. Some students have stated that they will be ‘busy as bees’ preparing for next year’s competition!

Kidz Times
DPSCD Destination
Imagination Winners

   Detroit Public Schools Community District is pleased to announce the grand success of our Destination Imagination teams! For the first time ever, DPSCD has students who will attend the Destination Imagination Global Competition, later next month. This problem-solving competition is comprised of the brightest young minds from 48 states, Canada, and 20 countries with more than 17,000 participants!
     Neinas, under the direction of Dyan Wardwell and a student from Cass, under the leadership of parent volunteer, Doris Strong, both qualified for the Global Competition. They competed against more than 200 teams, from across the state of Michigan to gain this honor.
     Here’s how the teams finished:
Neinas Academy: 2nd Place, Improv Challenge EL [Global Finalist]
Unmasked (including student from Cass Tech): 2nd Place, Project Outreach SL [Global Finalist]
Davison Middle: 7th Place, Scientific Challenge ML
Burton International: 10th Place, Fine Arts EL
Clippert Academy: 18th Place, Fine Arts ML
Schulze Academy: 11th Place, Improv ML
Schulze Academy: 13th Place, Improv ML
Schulze Academy: 7th Place, Engineering MDestination Imagination is sponsored by the Office of Science Education, under the leadership of Deborah Peek-Brown. This program offers students the opportunity to solve rigorous, open-ended, academic challenges. Teams work to find solutions to one of seven challenges, which support student achievement through team-building, problem-solving, critical thinking, grit, patience, ethics, and mutual respect.
We applaud the hard work of all who participated in the Destination Imagination Competitions:
Burton International- D. Hoskins, Teacher
Carver STEM- M. Nance, Teacher
Clippert- T. Ortiz, Teacher
Davison- G. Johnson, Teacher
Golightly- F. Legemah, Teacher
Maybury- A. Engel (Detroit Coordinator), I. Felciano, M. Bsharah, A. Stokes, A. Taylor, H. Mulawa, Teachers
Schulze- A. Richmond, Teacher