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Student of the Month
Erica Pruitt
“Stay focused on your own path or the road may miss you.”
 – Nigerian Proverb
   When it comes to being focused, Erica Pruitt is known to remove all obstacles blocking her view to achieve her goal. The 18-year-old scholar athlete’s clear vision has led her to the top of her senior class at Southeastern High School, where she serves as valedictorian with a 3.7 grade point average.
    Erica successfully balanced academics with extracurricular activities. She is a member of the drama club, journalism, student government, softball and basketball teams, where she plays center and power forward.      According to the Next College Student Athlete (NCSA), Erica averages 14 points, 10 rebounds and has an 85% free throw average per game. 
  Erica attributes her academic success to being “focused”, which has earned her a basketball and Ford Blue Oval scholarship.
     “I stay focus on my studies,” she explained. “I’m valedictorian of my class. I’m proud of it. I’m the first valedictorian of my family. I avoided hanging out with the wrong crowd, and I chose the right friends that focus on education.”
     Erica sees herself one day becoming a doctor. She plans to attend Indiana Tech in the fall majoring in biology and pre-med. 
     “I will transfer to Wayne State Medical School,” she adds. “I want to become a doctor. I’ve always saw myself helping others.”
     Erica says that she inherited her strong sense of focus from her mother, Tamikia Mathews, who encouraged her to “not give up.”
     She offers advice to others to help them to achieve their goals.
     “No matter what you do, don’t fall short,” she advises. “Stay focus on your goal so that you can accomplish it.”

Winners announced for Camp Pocono Trails "Imagine Me, I'm Up For The Challenge" essay contest
Kidz Times
PRNewswire/ -- Camp Pocono Trails, the famous weight loss camp for kids, young adults and teens ages 7 to 25, has announced the two winners of the 11th Annual Imagine Me Essay Contest. Each year, the camp invites submissions of a 500 word "Imagine Me" essay for a 9-week Campership at the private, ACA Accredited, 350 acre lakefront camp. The retail value of the nine-week Camperships is $26,360.
     Camp Pocono Trails offers an amazing selection of over 100 activities, from waterskiing to a climbing wall, yoga to aerobics, golf to tennis, cooking classes, nutritional instruction and great workouts guided by inspiring instructors.
Camp Pocono Trails offers an amazing selection of over 100 activities, from waterskiing to a climbing wall, yoga to aerobics, golf to tennis, cooking classes, nutritional instruction and great workouts guided by inspiring instructors.
     KAMERON, AGE 11, wrote, "My dream is to be a quarterback but everyone tells me that I will only be a lineman or a guard because I am so big. I enjoy playing sports but I think that my weight slows me down. It sometimes makes me sad when other kids talk about me because of the way that I look… I really would like to be healthy and build muscle. Most of all I just want to be able to come back to school and be smaller and for no one to make fun of me anymore. If I am able to go here for the summer I think that it can change my life… I know God will answer my prayer if this is what he wants me to do. I will just pray about it."    
    Third time's the charm for LEAH, AGE 15, who submitted entries in prior years. Leah wrote, "It's truly the scariest feeling – seeing the number that has always defined me steadily increasing year after year, and I don't know how to stop it. I'm terrified of that number, because I know it will eventually break both my body and my self esteem... My friend George made it into this camp one summer, and I saw how much it helped him, so I know being able to attend Camp Pocono Trails would change my life immensely, and I am ready for that challenge!" 
    Find the full essays here: http://www.camppoconotrails.com/imagine-me-contest 
     The winners will meet campers with similar stories. Camp Pocono Trails alumni, Lena, said, "I was an obese teenager who desperately needed to make a change. I made friends and had the best summer of my entire life, all while being taught how to eat healthy and exercise properly. After two months of being at Camp Pocono Trails, I left 45 lbs lighter with a confidence I had never had before. When I went home I used the skills I learned at camp and lost a total of 100lbs."
     Owner Tony Sparber was impressed by the compelling nature of the winning entries: "Kameron and Leah will be surprised by what they can do. While weight loss is an obvious achievement, our focus is on changing lifestyle habits, improving health, and having fun in order to maintain results. We look forward to welcoming them at camp."  
     Get more info & see videos at http://www.camppoconotrails.com