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By Ma’at Seba
                                      “Caveat Emptor” means: "Let the Buyer Beware", which is a 
                                 warning to the consumer to be aware of whatever it is that they 
                                 are about to purchase. The consumer should have as much of a 
                                 knowledge base on the products or services that are about to be 
                                 rendered and to not be so readily willing to succumb to ads or 
                                 commercials that are specifically designed to, in some cases, 
                                 deceive to consumer into believing that it is the best product for 
                                 them or the best product on the market. They are skillfully 
                                 created to use images and artful yet eluding words which leave 
                                 an impression on the viewer or reader. 
     “Doctor Recommended” and “studies show” are two of the most widely used deceptive marketing ploys to mislead the consumer into believing in the effectiveness of a product. The motive is to play on the consumer's trust that what they are being told is true and honest since they typically have no knowledge of the medical/pharmaceutical industry. So, if they are told that a doctor approves it or that it has passed some kind of rigorous testing that the studies or finding deem the product to be safe/or effective. Add some clever video clips showing happy, healthy or thin and firmly muscled people and the product is sure to sell thousands or millions of products. However, the consumer should ask themselves a couple of questions: “What kind of doctor(s) recommended the product and what did they recommend it for?” “What tests were the product put through, how long was it tested and what were the results that the studies showed?” Maybe even go so far as to research the company and the product to see if there are any lawsuits from the product, exactly what were the studies done etc. If you pay attention to the commercials, after you are told the name of the product and then suggested that you ask your doctor if you can take it, next comes a laundry list of side effects; and some of them even could even cause Death. So, if that product was tested and studied, then why was it approved for human consumption with a list of potentially harmful side effects?
  Consumers should understand that it is not that unusual for there to be some medical journals, peer reviews, false claims and falsified test results to be commonplace in the medical industry because PROFIT is the bottom line!
      Listed are various online resources so that the consumer can make better educated choices about their health and wellness:
Blackhealthzone.com – is an online health resource specifically created to address the health and wellness of black people. Topics such as: Fitness, Weight Loss, Diet & Nutrition, Healthy Living, Health News, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer and a list of other health concerns are addressed.
***Naturalnews.com – is a public education website which uncovers information not found in mainstream media on topics such as: Health & Nutrition, Environment, Politics, Energy and Technology. They also have links for videos, Podcasts, Media References and the Latest News.
**EWG.org/Skindeep – the Environmental Working Group is an online safety guide for cosmetics and body, skin products. Their database has over 69.000 products listed such as: Make-up, Hair, Eye Care, Nails, Fragrances, Baby, Oral, Women’s, Men’s and Sun protection. Each product obtains a score based upon a hazard classification scoring system. This means that each product’s ingredients are listed according to the products manufacturers’ ingredient list and then it is compiled to list such things such as: allergic reactions, hormone disruption, cancer causing, developmental & reproductive toxicity, use restrictions and immunotoxicity. For instance, a popular brand of baby wipe scores an extremely high 8 out of 10 for developmental & reproductive toxicity, while another company which uses more natural ingredients scores a safe 1 out of 10 score. Surely a mother who uses wipes on her babies genitals would like to know if that product causes possible reproductive and developmental health problems in the future for her child.  
Localharvest.org – provides the locations, websites and contact information across the United States of organic farmers, grass-fed meat farms, farmers markets, food co-ops, vegetable/plant seeds, dairy and various plants. There is an interactive map of all the farms according to each state and what they provide.
Organicconsumers.org – is a grassroots public interest organization that campaigns for health, justice and sustainability. They provide information on food safety, organic standards, Genetically Modified foods, USDA watch, Fair Trade issues, Green products and services and more.
Doortodoororganics.com – supplies USDA certified organic seasonal produce from local organic farmers, which they will deliver it to your location. They carry four sizes of produce boxes and they range in price from $23-55.00, making deliveries weekly or bi-weekly. They also offer other items such as canned goods, baked goods, beverages, meat and fish, rice, grains and pasta, non-GMO foods and more (877) 711-3636. 
Nhiondemand.com – is an online magazine from one of the holistic health trade industry organizations. They have a wealth of information such as: dietary supplements library, industry experts library, trade directories, health articles, Chinese medicine library and health conditions library.
Healthfreedomusa.org - the Natural Solutions Foundation discovers, documents, demonstrates and disseminates natural solutions and threats to the health and food freedom globally. They provide speeches, articles, radio shows and newsletters as well as their archives, internet links, citizens’ petitions, detailed Codex Alimentarius (designed to eliminate natural and health products and services, under the Codex all foods are now considered to be illegal!) information, health alerts, vaccination and GMO alerts and an online marketplace.
Cchr.org – the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is a global watchdog organization which investigates and exposes any human rights violations in the mental health field. CCHR has partnered with doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, scientists and other medical professionals to uncover and publicize the truth and dangers of psychotropic drugs. The website contains numerous video clip documentaries citing the statistics, dependencies, violent tendencies and other serious reactions to the readily prescribed deadly drugs. Also highlighted, are how the drug companies market their drugs to doctors and the public, creating an over $80 billion a year industry. They also offer free information kits, resources for parents and educators and natural, legal and holistic resources, groups and rehabs.
Curezone.com – is the largest website on the internet which addresses virtually every major illness, health condition and disease. There are links such as: Diet Diseases, Cleanses, and foods, Articles, Books, Forums and Blogs. Topics range from Depression, dental health and cancer to poetry, debates and relationships.  
      Visit Loving Life Health Store at 15224 W. 7 Mile, Detroit, MI. 48235 Mon-Fri. 10-7 pm & Sat. 10 - 6 pm. Call (313)861-1118.

Caveat Emptor: Let the buyer beware
By Melody Thompson
     For many, going cold turkey as a vegetarian can be a daunting idea. The idea of going from eating meat to veggies can make you feel uneasy. Additionally, sometimes one can make unhealthy decisions by eating more carbohydrates during their transitional period. This month’s article will focus on meat substitutes to guide your transition from meat to plants based.
     A commonly featured meat in our home is Beyond Meat by the Beyond Meat Corporation. This corporations’ goals are to develop sustainable ways to feed the planet while saving the earth at the same time. This plant based “meat” is made of grains, vegetables, and legumes to mimic a meat like substance. In our home, we use beyond meat to make “meat” loaf, hamburgers, “meat” balls, breakfast sausage links, spaghetti, and more. We even season it with our favorite seasonings to add a smoky savory flavor to it. Even our own family members that come over for dinner don’t even know it’s not meat  
  Beyond meat as well as Boca Burger meat helped us transition into our current plant based lifestyle. After being meat eaters for 40 plus years we decide to make a change for the sake of our health. These plant based meat substitutes have given us the exposure to plant based meals and the opportunity to say yes to things on our plate that we normally would have despised. 
     Vegetarian and meat substitutes can be found in all grocery store across the country in so many varieties. Give it a try, and let us know how you like it! 
     See below a recipe from the Beyond corporation website for Beyond Burger Meatloaf:
3 Packs Beyond Burgers (6 patties) 
1.5 Cup Dried oats 
1 Tablespoon Egg Replacer with ¼ C water
1 Bell Pepper
3 Celery stalks
1 Onion 
3-5 Cloves Garlic (minced) 
1 Teaspoon Dried Thyme 
2 Teaspoons Cajun Seasoning 
2 Tablespoons Vegan Worcestershire Sauce 
1 Tablespoon Tomato Paste 
3 Tablespoon Gluten Free Flour 
1 Pinch of Salt 
1 Pinch of Black Pepper 
BBQ Meatloaf Topping 
1/3 Cup Ketchup 
2 Tablespoon Brown Sugar 
1 Tablespoon Dijon Mustard 
1/4 teaspoon Black Pepper
• Preheat oven at 375*F 
• In a bowl, add ketchup, brown sugar, Dijon mustard and pepper. Mix well and set aside. 
• Mix Egg Replacer and water and set aside.
• In a hot pan, sauté onion and bell pepper until slightly browned. Add garlic to veggies and sauté for additional 30 seconds. Set aside veggies and let cool.
• In a large bowl, mix Beyond Burger patties, dried oats, Cajun seasoning, flour, tomato paste, vegan Worcestershire sauce, egg replacer mixture and cooled veggies. • Sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper - mix well until all ingredients are well incorporated. Place into a loaf pan and spread evenly into the form of a loaf. Spread meatloaf BBQ sauce evenly on top of loaf. 
• Place into oven and bake for 35-45 minutes until browned. Cool for 10-15 minutes. Slice and serve.  
    For additional information, email forveggiesake@yahoo.com.

For Veggies Sake