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Everyday he's hustling introducing the Rich by Rick Ross

PRNewswire/ -- Well-known for his hustle, Grammy-nominated Rick Ross has spent a decade+ at the top of the rap game. He's also gained as much – if not more - notoriety as one of the industry's top style icons…with the best beard in the game. So, when it came to his next business project, creating a collection of grooming products with as much swag as Rozay was his only logical next step. The nine-piece line consists of a Luxury Beard Oil, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair & Body Wash, Styling Gel, Shaving Cream, Aftershave Balm, Classic Pomade and Strong Styling Wax, so every guy can afford a taste of the #BossUp lifestyle.
    "I always get asked what I use to keep my beard so fly and real bosses help other bosses stay blessed so, I knew I needed to bring the people what they wanted! From the shower to styling, the RICH by Rick Ross collection has something for every guy out there, and at a price that won't knock your hustle. I promise you, with RICH by Rick Ross, your style will be "untouchable." – Rick Ross  
    Every product in the RICH by Rick Ross collection is sulfate and paraben free and contains The Boss Experience, a triple-threat elixir composed of luxurious, yet powerful ingredients:
• Champagne Extract – Contains antiaging antioxidants and a small amount of proteins that help to remove impurities, repair and rejuvenate damaged hair and reduce hair loss.
• Caviar Extract – Fortify, moisturize and provide anti-aging and UV-protectant benefits to hair and skin instead, thanks to an overload of amino acids, vitamins (D, A, E, B12), minerals (sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium), omegas (3 and 6) and essential fatty acids.
• Hemp Seed Oil – This ultra-moisturizing and emollient oil helps to calm, soothe, plump and hydrate tired, dry skin & hair, while also balancing oil levels and providing anti-aging benefits.
*Luxury Shaving Cream and Aftershave also include Kona Coffee – one of the best and strongest antioxidants that helps improve skin's appearance and hydrates.

Hair Talk with JoJo the Hair Care Expert
Beauty and Barber
Q: JoJo I’m an older hair stylist. I’ve been doing hair almost 30 years. I recently went to a hair show and talked to other stylists from my era, and we shared the same story. We’re struggling to stay in business. A lot of our clients have moved out of state, retired, or died. This new millennium stylist has everybody in weaves. Nobody has hair anymore. I tried gluing the hair onto the weave cap, but it’s not for me. JoJo, what’s an old stylist to do?
A: This is an ever evolving industry. Staying relevant is no easy task. If you feel you can’t keep up with the newest trends, you need recognize your strongest skill and market to your strengths. You can use social media just like these millennials to attract your target market. Somebody out there wants what you can do. You just have to find them and be able to deliver. Tone your skills, put on your smile, and go make it do what it do.
 Q: JoJo I wear a press and curl, but between the summer heat and my hot flashes, I sweat my hair out as soon as I get it done. I used to get a relaxer and wet set. Do stylists still do those? I know that everybody is going natural, because relaxers were breaking everybody’s hair off. Mine was always in good shape and long until my stylist died. Now, no one can do it. I had to get what they knew how to do, and it’s not a good press. So, are those styles gone forever, because I’m missing my perm.
A: Yes stylists still do relaxers, and wet sets. You just have to find a good one. When done properly, these styles are a great summer option. Unfortunately the lack of training in relaxer application and hair care has caused massive hair loss. I went to beauty school, believe me, training is important. Finding the right stylist can be tricky. Ask questions, look at pictures of their work, look at the work they’re doing while you’re in the salon, and look around the salon to see if anyone there is doing the kind of work you want. If you have to change chairs, change.
Q: JoJo I had my weave removed, and my hair is looking real thin. I was told to give my hair a 2-week rest, before reapplying a new one. Will this rest help thicken my roots. I can really see through my hair to my scalp. Is there an oil I can use to help, and what kind of style can you suggest that won’t cause more damage while I’m resting? I still have to go to work.
A: Resting the scalp between weaves or braids is a good idea. Unfortunately thin scalp usually means traction alopecia. That’s when braiding or pulling at the scalp destroys the connection between the hair bulb and the blood supply. When that happens, permanent hair loss is usually the result. These pretty long styles can be addictive, but the constant pulling at the scalp can cause baldness. I suggest you wear the styles for no more than two months at a time, then give yourself a month or two without. Give your scalp time to recover. Wigs are an excellent option during recovery. Try different colors and styles. Natural styles work too but try to avoid braids during this time, because they can cause damage also.
  When hair is on your mind, drop JoJo a line . Terry’s Place is the largest black-owned wig salon in Detroit. We want to take your look to the next level. When you look good, we look good. Visit Terry’s Place online at or on Facebook. Email or stop by Terry’s Place at 19139 Livernois Ave., Detroit, Mich. 48221. We’re open six days a week. To schedule an appointment, please call (313)863-4014.