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By Valerie D. Lockhart
     Women are often referred to as a weaker vessel, when compared to men. However, she has proven over the centuries that a strong mind and will power can overcome the heaviest of all burdens.
     Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is, until you put her in hot water.”
    Daily women perform balancing acts, juggling raising a family, taking care of household expenses with managing a career. She has done what no man has done before - birthing generations of leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, doctors and lawyers. She is always available at the right time to wipe away tears from one’s eyes, comfort the depressed, and inspire the downtrodden to achieve their dreams. She’s fearless and unafraid to face the unknown.
     “I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my ship,” said Louisa May Alcott.
    When there are no ships around, she learns the trade and masters building her own ship. She doesn’t wait for opportunity to knock on her door. Like Madam C.J Walker, she creates opportunities. 
     “I had to make my own living and my own opportunity. But, I made it,” said Walker. “Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them!”
     This month, the Detroit Native Sun is recognizing extraordinary women throughout metro Detroit with a “wow” factor. Their intellectual abilities combined with their drive have allowed them to overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. Their stories will astonish you. Their strength will amaze you. And, we hope you will be inspired and say, “Wow”. Regardless of gender, age or race, one can learn from these women that we appropriately refer to as Women of Wonder. So, read, learn and wonder no more!

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Diane Cottle

"Reach for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."
     Diane Cottle is a master nurse, teacher, and motivator who has been helping the community to reach beyond the stars to achieve their dreams. 
     Defying all odds, Cottle has achieved a number of firsts - first African American to graduate with a nursing degree from Macomb Community College, first African American Director of Nursing at Detroit Hope Hospital and first African American corporate consultant at Tendercare Corporation.
     Her passion for nursing began in the early seventies, when she witnessed firsthand the lack of healthcare services available in the black community. This led to her obtaining a LPN degree. However, she kept reaching beyond the stars and obtained an Associate, Bachelor and Master's degree in Nursing.
     Cottle is the founder and CEO of Genanscot Services, a 10-day nursing assistant training program that began in 2006. The school has a 100 percent success rate. Today, thousands of students have achieved their dreams thanks to Cottle showing them how to reach beyond the stars. 

Dr. Tunishai Ford

     Dr. Tunishai Ford is an example of a strong woman that turned her tragedy into a triumph. 
     Tunishai is a survivor of the fourth and last stage of Hodgkin’s lymphoma and she believes that it was caused by the bitterness and resentment she was plagued with along with not knowing how to forgive and let go of the past. When she overcame this insidious disease, she made up her mind that nothing would hinder her from transforming her life and reaching her potential, and helping other women go through the same transformation. 
     Tunishai created an organization for women with similar pressures, low self-esteem, and uncertainty; she founded Your Own Uniqueness, Inc., an organization that connects, educates and supports women of all ages and backgrounds, and transforms their lives to become a catalyst so that they can give back into their communities through mentorship, networking and volunteerism. The organization is built on a passion to inspire all women, and even in its infancy it has touched hundreds of women throughout Metro Detroit and other neighboring cities. The direction the organization is headed is simply… empowering and transforming lives. Therefore, through her desire to fulfill her purpose and help other women do the same, Tunishai has nurtured a dream that is shaping lives. Dr. Ford is also a former TV talk show host, a transformational speaker, empowerment trainer, an ordained evangelist, the Editor and chief of Discovering YOU Magazine, and the author of four books. Besides being the founder and CEO of Your Own Uniqueness, Inc., a non-profit (501c3), she has experience in business empowerment and personal achievement workshops and seminars.  
     Her expertise has allotted her the opportunity to teach life skill principles for businesses, colleges, universities and organizations. She has received numerous certificates and awards for her life work in the community and in business, such as the Testimony of Resolution Award from the City of Detroit, and Woman of the Year Award from the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) — 2010/2011. 
     Presently, Dr. Ford conducts quarterly transformational events and workshops, major events, and works with a homeless shelter in Metro Detroit. Her story and commitment is truly admirable. We are very excited to see what lies ahead in the next chapter for Dr Tunishai Ford as she continues her trail-brazing journey in improving the lives of others 
      To contact Dr. Tunishai Ford to speak at your next event, please visit http://drtford.com/contact_us.html or email her at you.inc@hotmail.com.

Regina Jones (Mack)

     Regina Jones (Mack) most recent credits include: Script Writer for Mike Matthews Prodigal Son Productions, Actress in The Park Players "It's A Wonderful Life" in 3 roles; The Radio Announcer, Cousin Tilly and ZuZu Bailey. She portrayed Denise in "Hell No" Sadie T in "Lost in The House", Keisha in "Trespasser", at the Detroit Opera House as Ms. Lewis in Mike Matthews "I Need A Man", his production "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" as Sylvia at the Redford Theater and Officer Mack in "Mama Where Are You" at Horatio Auditorium. 
     Regina has also produced, directed and written 35 of her own original stage musicals, plays, television and film productions, performed Off Broadway and in more than 1000 shows, writes songs, poetry and books. Holds B.A. degrees in Film and Television and African Studies. 
     She founded non-profit organization CAD, Corporation for Artistic Development in 1977 to help disabled, aged out foster care youth, senior citizens, veterans, artists, the community and businesses. She does grant writing consultations and has been awarded 130 grants she has written. She is on several ministries and is a leader under Dr. Spencer T. Ellis at Citadel of Praise, and a board member of Jodie Odom Morris Literacy Agency, a member of Building Community Partners, Wayne Metro RAC 1, on the committee for Black United Fund of Michigan, The Park Players, Citadel Fine Arts Ministry, Prodigal Son Productions, CAD Performance Troupe and the City of Romulus Community Police Relations Task Force.

Sharon DuMas

      Sharon DuMas is a trailblazing community advocate. 
  In 2016 Sharon orchestrated the initiative which resulted in the City of Detroit naming a street after her cousin, the legendary Stevie Wonder, revealed in December. DuMas’ organization Full & Fabulous has been working with overweight teens and women to build healthy eating, exercise, boost self-esteem and positive body image years before the curvy girl movement began and is recognized as a pioneer in the plus-sized industry.
     In 2017, Sharon’s organization Full & Fabulous celebrates it’s 35th anniversary. Sharon DuMas was recognized and given the KEY ToThe City of Detroit by Former Mayor Coleman Young for this work. The 35-year history and strong track record of serving this particular need population have resulted in Full & Fabulous being the choice of health care professionals in addressing obesity problems in women and girls. The Obesity Clinic for Children at Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit Public Schools and WXYZ Channel 7 Commentator Carolyn Clifford are among those who have refered clients to the organization.
    Sharon received an award from former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm for her intervention and education initiatives in Detroit named “Home Town Health Hero” of the year: and was previously selected by W.K. Kellogg Foundation as an expert-in-resident on community health promotion and War on Obesity. Full & Fabulous was the only program of it’s kind to be sanctioned by NFL’s Super Bowl XL in 2006. Additionally, the organization represented Michigan for the Action 4 Healthy Kids, with Former United States Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher in Washington DC for First Lady Laura Bush’s health initiative supported by former President George W Bush and former President Bill Clinton.

Andrea Lorena Jackson


     Andrea Lorena Jackson is a community organizer and educator. With over 17 years’ experience working as a Community Relations Consultant in Detroit and in Detroit Public Schools as a College Advisor, she’s undergone extensive leadership training including Detroit Public Schools Transformation Leadership Team, Economic Justice Alliance of Michigan, Skillman Good Neighborhoods Leadership Academy, Prosper Us Detroit Entrepreneur, Advanced Negotiation Training, Precinct Delegate Training, Fundraising Training, Advocacy Training, Grant Writing and many others. She is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and lives in Detroit.
     Andrea is a member of the newly formed 2016 Detroit Public Schools Community District Academic Advisory Council. The Council is comprised of more than 150 employees, staff, and parents who committed their time to develop recommendations for a long-term pathway forward for the new District under the leadership of the Interim Superintendent.
    City of Detroit District 7 President of her block club, former 2nd Vice President for Cody Rouge Action Alliance, former trustee for Warrendale Community Organization, currently serving as a board member for Revive Detroit Community Development Corporation. Featured on Channel 7 News Detroit 20/20 special for the making a real difference in her community. Works closely with the Detroit Police Department “Bridging the Gap”, Task Force Lead for Life Remodel 6 million dollar project at Osborn High School 2015, renovating the school and beautifying community, honored by State of Michigan Governor Rick Synder AmeriCorps Urban Safety Program and the Detroit Youth Service Corps 2015 and recognized by Detroit Mayor Mike and First Lady Lori Maher for community service 2015.
    DPS Outstanding Educator Award 2015, DPS educator highlight of the week 2012, National Public Radio and the Hechinger Report 2015, 7th edition of Who’s Who in Black Detroit 2013, National Gospel Promoters/Managers & Radio/Television Business Woman of the Year 2013, On the Ground Series Magazine Osborn Turn Around people 2013, District 3 Detroit Community Initiative Award 2014, International UAW Women’s Conference 2013, Detroit Public Television KnowHow2GoMichigan campaign video project featuring Andrea and many more recognitions/awards.
    She’s the head dance team coach where she works, leading them to win 1st Place in the 13th Annual University of Michigan Ann Arbor Dance Competition in 2016. She oversees the Rotary Interact Student Club at her school as well four other student clubs. She also oversees the Youth Violence Prevention Team at Osborn MST High School where she works, they were nominated and selected for the Detroit Violence Prevention Initiative Award Recognition Ceremony honoring Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy of service and non-violence on Thursday, January 16, 2014 by the City of Detroit Mayor’s office for community service projects that made an impact in the city. 
    Singing with Joseph Derrico& Latter Rain for 5 years, then promoted to the Chief Administrator & Financial Manager 2014, 1stCD release 2015.Joseph Derrico& Latter Rain gospel music is played on FM 92.3. The choir has toured all over the country including the BET Bobby Jones gospel show, The Word Network, Dorinda Clark-Cole Show, Marvin Sapp, Rhythm of Gospel Awards and much more.



     A young boy (looking at his mom) says, I wonder what would the world be like if God had been put out of school.
     Mom: Who told you that God was put out of school?
     Boy: My teacher. She said that a woman named Madalyn Murray O’Hair, an atheist sued to stop the school system from exposing children to God in school. She did not want her son to be taught anything about a god.
     In 1963, the Supreme Court took prayer and the teaching about all gods out of school. We can’t have any statues or symbols of God in the schools. She tried to take “under God” out of the pledge, but she was not successful.
     It hurts my heart that man put god out of the building that he made all the materials to build. God made everything for us. He made the earth and created all the materials that the building was made of - the earth that the building sits on, the air all the students and staff breathe to learn and teach with. Everything that the school have, has been and is being made possible by God. But, yet, God is not worthy to be spoken about or a picture or symbol be seen in the building that he made possible to exist. 
     Are we that jealous of God or do we have common sense or ability to reason. Are we so illiterate that we cannot understand, without God, we could not breathe or do anything. 
     According to science, we can only live three minutes without air. Yet, no human can make air for himself, less along for these millions of people. Thank God no one can control the air, water or the sun for energy. If just one of these things was abolished all life would cease.
  Mom and dad would you help me build a school where God is welcome? Where all children can have a consciousness of God regardless of what their faith community is called. God knows what all faith communities teach and He does not destroy them. Why should we separate God’s family from Him. All people are God’s regardless of what they teach.
    Mom and dad: Ok son. Let’s get started. Let’s sell “God first T-shirts.”